Defense Is The Root Of Division

We are living in unprecedented times. The just like in Bible times the issues of today and the defense of those issues has caused splits and divisions that we believe hurt the heart of God. It’s a sensitive subject, but it is addressed in God’s Word.

Love Your Enemies

What was Jesus teaching when He said that we are to love our enemies? Our enemies are out to hurt us. Why would Jesus say to love them? Today we’ll take a Biblical look at this difficult command from Christ.

Four Commands For The Well-dressed Christian

A part of being well dressed in life is being dressed appropriately for the occasion. In today’s message we’ll see what it takes to be a well dressed Christian- spiritually that is.

Living A Fire Proof Life

We all know that it’s important to fireproof our homes. But it’s also important fireproof our lives? And just like with your home, you need some important equipment to fireproof your life.

The Anatomy Of Longsuffering

In the Bible longsuffering is made up of two Greek words meaning “long” and “temper.” It means to be “long-tempered.” A longsuffering person doesn’t have a “short fuse.” Join us for this insightful teaching.

The Road To A Merry Christmas

From all of us here at GOGF ministries, we send our love and thanks to God for His faithfulness, and to you for your continued prayers and support. Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas! Join us as we chart a Biblical path to getting there!

Take Some Things Off And Put Some Things On Part 2

In our last broadcast we focused on putting some things off. This week our focus is putting some things on. Both disciplines are necessary in the life of the believer.

Take Some Things Off And Put Some Things On Part 1

When God called us, He called us not only “to” some things, but also “from” some things. The Christian life is not merely a list of do’s & don’ts, but there are some things we should being doing, and some things we need to put off.

Don’t be Bound By The Chains of Religion

We’ll be looking in depth at this important teaching from the book of Colossians. Jesus came to set us free from chains and bondage, and that includes the chains and bondage of religion.

We Have Much To Thank God For

Even in the midst of all that is happening around us, we can still be thankful. Today in Colossians chapter one Paul outlines some of the reasons why.

Who Do You Say That I Am?

Some say He was a good teacher. Some say that He was one of the prophets. Some say that He was no more than a just man. What others think is irrelevant. What do you think?

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