Born a Second Time

Did you know that you can be born a second time? Being born a second time means that you must agree that Jesus is One who has come from God. You must choose to believe and receive His direction to be born of the Spirit. You must give your will to Him.

Do What is Right

For many people right and wrong are only convenient terms. The reason is they have never actually sought out the basic standards on which we can make proper judgments. Then, because men are depraved or not thinking straight, they seek out and do what is wrong. The Scripture in John 2:13-25 helps us to understand how to do what is right.

Do You Need a Sign?

When Jesus came and lived among men, God performed miracles by His hand. The Bible records times of revelation and signs and miracles accompanied each of them. When Jesus lived, He performed miracles. John 2:1-11 records one of these miracles.

What Proof?

Some people are too quick to accept anything that comes along. They don’t ask for proof. Some are too slow to accept. They refuse to recognize proofs when they see them. In John 1:43-51, we can find clear proofs that Jesus of Nazareth is the one we look for.

Meet the Messiah

Do you like to meet new people? Especially important people? In the time of Andrew and Peter, many were expecting the Messiah to come. They had reasons to look for Him because the prophets had foretold His coming. Yet long years passed, and He had not come. Some lost hope but many kept looking for Him. In John 1:35-42, we read about several who met Him.

Who Is He?

Men are still puzzling over who Jesus is, just like they did when he lived here on earth. Many are not sure how to answer the question, 'Who is He?'. Some say He is a very good man or that He is kind, compassionate, and tenderhearted. Others think He is a prophet. In John 1:29-34 we find who Jesus is.

Answers to Questions

Does anyone actually have all the answers? The answer to that question is yes and no. God has all the answers to be sure, but does any human being have all the answers?

Make Jesus Personal

For many people, their religion is only an obligation. It is a duty that they have imposed upon themselves. There is nothing very personal about it. On the other hand, true Christian faith is personal. You can learn to make Jesus personal. In John 1:14-18, we find out how to make Him personal.

God's Children

All of us are separated from God until we take a step of faith in His direction. There is a part in each of us that must be touched by the Spirit of God to be born in a spiritual way. In John 1:6-13, we find more about 'the Logos', or 'the Word' which has a part in making us God's children.

The Logos - God

Who is "the Logos," "the Word"? Where did the Word come from? What did the Word do? In John 1:1-5 we read about this special word "Logos." A lot of meaning is contained in this word, and it opens a tremendous door of understanding when we hear what the Bible has to say.

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