There are no two people who are exactly alike. Sometimes we may see someone who reminds us of a friend, but we are all a little different. Yet, we can say Jesus has no one nearly like Him. The Bible calls Him the only one of God.

Plain Speech

For the disciples, Jesus’ words were often above their understanding. They puzzled over them. There are people today who still puzzle over the words of Jesus. They are unsure as to what they mean. Let's listen to this teaching from the book of John on Plain Speech.

How to Cure Worry

All of us are alike. We wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. We make our plans, but we cannot always carry them out. And then because they do not work, we tend to worry. We get distressed and are unsure what the end will be. Listen to find out How To Cure Worry.

The Spirit of Truth

Truth is discovered. We are not the ones who set the standard, history has shown us over and over what happens when humans define truth. I have not seen an example where this ended well. Typically, it shows how selfish and sinful we really are. But if the truth is beyond us and something we discover, where can we find it?

The Comforter

The Comforter, the Holy Spirit, came to convict and accuse the world: of sin because they believe not on Jesus; of righteousness, because Jesus is the only righteous one and He has gone to the Father; of judgment because the prince of this world is judged.

Think Right

Isn’t it wonderful that God has made us so that we can think? The Bible tells us that God made us in His image and after His likeness which includes the ability to think and the power to choose. God wants us to think the RIGHT way.

Why Christians Suffer

Sin and its consequences affect us now, but a time is coming when there will be no effects of sin. This truth helps us through our suffering and keeps us going when life is hard.

More Than Servants

Have you thought about the difference between a servant and a friend? Their ways of thinking are totally different, and it shows itself in all they do.

How To Live Right

Right living comes out of knowing Jesus and remaining in Him. You must do life with Him. The times of pruning will come and may be hard, but we can know Jesus and trust Him.

True Peace

Men of our world are searching for peace between nations. But even more important than peace between nations is the peace in your heart. Could it be that inner peace must come first before outer peace can be attained?

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