Diana Smalley and Nan Brown Self

Our guest is Diana Smalley. Diana is a sought after television journalist. She has worked as an Anchor and Reporter for ABC, CBS and FOX News, also serving as a Correspondent for CNN. Over nearly the last two decades she’s been a television news leader in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Connecticut and Washington D.C. She began her career on the streets of New York City carrying her own camera in the aftermath of September 11th. She has covered everything from politics on Capitol Hill to devastating storms, presidential visits, elections, breaking news and crime stories that garnered national attention. Diana is now based in the Dallas area and travels full-time in ministry with her husband, Dr. Mike Smalley, founder of World Reach Ministries. Diana speaks about how her parents divorce rocked her world. Nan Brown Self is an author and speaker Nan Brown Self. Nan is the author of "Forgiveness: Making Space for Grace." Nan is a licensed professional counselor and registered play therapist. She counseled and taught families, individuals and children for over ten years

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