Joann Hummel

“I remember thinking, at 11 years old, ‘Does my mom not even remember who I am?.’” JoAnn Hummel tells the powerful story of how God graciously guided her through the pain and challenge of mental illness. Her life’s purpose is to use these experiences in sharing the sincere love of Jesus with each person she encounters.

Judy Kennedy

Do not miss this powerful story, from Judy Kennedy. Though her life plays out like an unbelievable movie, she assures you, it’s all true. But the best part? Judy's “movie" has a sequel: GOD CAN REDEEM THE PAIN OF OUR PAST.

Dr. Joy Dahl

How would you feel if a loved one was taken from you, before you could say, “Goodbye?” Our guest, Joy Dahl, shares how that painful moment created an insatiable appetite for success, yet one that ultimately led her right into the arms of Jesus.

Madison Franquiz and Evelyn Kershaw

Life for Madi Franquiz began quite happily, but a series of tragic events soon caused her to doubt God and even His existence. Thankfully, the Lord’s loving persistence brought her back to a now vibrant relationship with Him. AND From humble beginnings of assisting her mother in a hair salon at age 16, to now owning her own prestigious salon, Evelyn Kershaw shares how God has been her strength and guide, through it all.

Ayn Dillard

Author and former ballerina, Ayn Dillard, shares how God has miraculously guided and protected her, throughout her fascinating life.

Sabir Bashir

Years ago, Sabir Bashir was blindsided with soul-crushing news. But because of God’s amazing grace and mercy, he is now living with joy and purpose.

Juanita Williams

Having endured a painful childhood involving death, Juanita Williams shares how God has used her heartache to reach countless people for Him.

Dr. Tamara Thomas and Michele Stevens

Do you long for your life to have purpose? Dr. Tamara Thomas, shares how God can use our most painful moments, to guide us on His path of meaningful and fulfilled living. and Despite a challenging childhood, Michele Stevens, as an adult, was living a normal, happy life, when her health suddenly changed for the worse. She shares her miraculous story of God’s power and faithfulness.

Irum Jones

Imagine being abandoned by your parents not once, but twice! Irum Jones shares how God rescued her from a painful life of rejection and abuse.

Debra Moore

A survivor of childhood abuse and attempted murder, Debra Moore shares her powerful story of God’s protection and grace.

Amy Berry

Would you like to live, “the good life?” Amy Berry shares how to do that in the midst of a painful and uncertain world.

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