"A Christlike Christian"

Continuing our study of Isaiah, Pastor Steve Gaines focuses on what it means to be a Christlike Christian. As we unpack the meaning of Isaiah 50:4–7, we will learn how we can walk in wisdom and love without being afraid. 4:34 - A wise tongue 11:26 - A hearing ear 19:15 - An abused body 27:47 - A fearless face #BellevueBaptistChurch #Belle…read more

"The Power of a Godly Mother"

Pastor Steve Gaines delivers a Mother's Day sermon on "The Power of a Godly Mother." Looking at the story of Hannah in 1 Samuel, we will see how Christian mothers pray over their children, commit their worries to the Lord, and see God work in their lives. 0:00 - Introduction to our text 3:42 - 3 Things for Parents to Consider 14:32 - Christian habits for dealing with technology 15:36 - Godly mothers encounter problems 22:18 - Godly mothers engage in prayer 28:55 - Godly mothers experience power 35:51 - Godly mothers express praise #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Jesus—God's Ultimate Servant"

Pastor Steve Gaines teaches on "Jesus—God's Ultimate Servant" out of Isaiah 49:1–13. Looking at this text, we can see the characteristics of Jesus and how they pertain to our lives. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 7:32 - A called servant 14:12 - A proclaiming servant 20:26 - A humble servant 26:30 - A universal servant 33:41 - A saving servant #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Refined by Affliction"

In his sermon, "Refined by Affliction," Pastor Steve Gaines teaches out of Isaiah 48:8–19, sharing how and why God may use difficulties to discipline His people. God loves us so much, He is not willing to let us continue in sin without facing a course correction. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 7:28 - Does God afflict His children? 15:13 - Why does God afflict His children? 27:00 - How does God afflict us? #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Hearing God's Voice"

Hearing God's voice may sound difficult, but there is a way to be in tune with God so that He can direct your path. Pastor Steve Gaines teaches from Isaiah 30:21 in this sermon focused on the voice of God. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 4:24 - God's voice should be anticipated 20:03 - God's voice should be obeyed 27:20 - God's voice will be specific #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"God Will Take Care of You"

Pastor Steve Gaines continues his series sharing God's promises out of the book of Isaiah. In the sermon "God Will Take Care of You," we'll examine Isaiah 46:3–4 where God vows to look after the people of Israel in spite of the suffering which has come to God's chosen group. Do you feel like God has forgotten you? Watch this message to hear how God takes care of those He loves today and on through the future. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 6:01 - God promises to provide care for His children today 20:09 - God promises to provide care for His children tomorrow #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Why Seek the Living Among the Dead?"

Pastor Steve Gaines shares his Easter message, "Why Seek the Living Among the Dead?," out of Luke 24:1–9. We must recognize that Jesus is not still lying in a tomb but has risen from the grave. How will you respond to this victory over death? 9:39 - Jesus Christ is not dead in a grave! 17:00 - Jesus Christ has risen from the dead! 20:58 - Jesus Christ's resurrection must be proclaimed! 26:52 - "Sunday is Coming" #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Gospel According to Isaiah"

Pastor Steve Gaines uses his Palm Sunday message to share "The Gospel According to Isaiah." Join us in Isaiah 53 as we look at the famous prophecy of the "suffering servant" which Jesus fulfills through His death on the cross. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:52 - Jesus lived simply 16:56 - Jesus died sacrificially 24:20 - Jesus rose supernaturally #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Look to Jesus!"

Pastor Steve Gaines calls for all to "Look to Jesus!" during this message from Isaiah 45. People will fail you and money will never satisfy, but Jesus Christ can meet your every need and save you from your sins. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:40 - Look to the Lord thankfully 13:00 - Look to the Lord transformationally 25:10 - Look to the Lord totally #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Revival: When God's Glory Fill's God's House"

Pastor Steve Gaines shares his thoughts on revival in this message from Exodus 40:34–38. "When God's Glory Fills God's House," something special happens. Watch as we study the prerequisites for revival and how it changes things. #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Your Sins Are Forgiven"

Pastor Steve Gaines begins a new series counting down to Easter Sunday, this week focusing on Luke 7:36–50 and the story of the woman who Jesus told "Your sins are forgiven." 0:00 - Introduction of our text 7:11 - The reality of sin 16:43 - The removal of sin 25:13 - The requirement for salvation 27:34 - The result of salvation #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

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