Series 10 - Talk 02 - The Need for Leadership to be Confirmed

Leadership needs to be confirmed by God and others. Jesus was not a self-proclaimed leader, God confirmed His leadership. People easily fall into the temptation to become self-proclaimed leaders.

Series 10 - Talk 01 - Jesus as a Man of Authority

Leadership is about more than having a position. Leaders need to be competent, have integrity, and display selflessness. Jesus has set the example for us.

Series 09 - Talk 04 - Pressing Forward as Caleb did

Series 09 - Talk 03 - Following the Lord Wholeheartedly as Caleb did

Series 09 - Talk 02 - Examples of Leaders that Finished Well - Jesus, Paul and David

Series 09 - Talk 01 - Leaders should finish well – Saul did not!

Series 08 - Talk 16 - Importance of Evaluation for the Stakeholders

Series 08 - Talk 15 - The Importance of Evaluation using Practical Tools

Series 08 - Talk 14 - The Importance of Evaluation for Effectiveness

Series 08 - Talk 13 - Core-Values At Personal Level about Pride

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