Series 10 - Talk 14 - How did Jesus Handle Anger?

Anger can be good or bad, but how Christian leaders respond to anger-inducing situations will reflect whether or not they are walking in Jesus' footsteps. Jesus controlled His anger, it never controlled Him.

Series 10 - Talk 13 - Handling Anger

Leaders become mature by dealing with anger the way Jesus did and by not letting their emotions get the better of them.

Series 10 - Talk 12 - Leaders Displaying Humility

Leaders need to take on the humble leadership style of Jesus, thus serving those who they are leading.

Series 10 - Talk 11 -Being Wise in Speaking the Truth

Having the wisdom to know when to share the truth and with whom. As a leader, you must know what truths to share, with whom and for what reason.

Series 10 - Talk 10 -Speaking Truth Graciously

The Scripture tells us to speak the truth seasoned with kindness. Jesus always spoke the truth and He was always kind when He did. Christian leader, you too must 'speak the truth in love'.

Series 10 - Talk 09 -Living out the Truth

Jesus is the Truth. Therefore, when He came to Earth, He both lived out and spoke truth to those around Him. As a Christian leader, you will lead well if you follow in His footsteps.

Series 10 - Talk 08 - Giving Generously Without Expecting Returns

Jesus was generous. He set an example of giving abundantly that many Christians fail to follow. However, some do follow His example and have received their reward.

Series 10 - Talk 07 - Gentle Leaders are Tough but Tender Hearted

As leaders, we need to be both tough-minded and tender-hearted. The people we lead often have problems we are not aware of. By leading in the above way we will lead as Jesus did.

Series 10 - Talk 06 - Breaking Customs

Humanity holds to many customs but some compromise Christian conviction or are no longer useful. Jesus changed these customs of His day and leaders today can follow His example.

Series 10 - Talk 05 - Courageous Leadership

Courage is costly. Jesus displayed courage and Many followed in His footsteps and paid the ultimate price. Christianity needs leaders who will be willing to pay the price of having courage.

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