Series 13 - Talk 12 - Conclusion (7 Criterias God will use to evaluate our faithfulness)

Series 13 - Talk 11 - Stewardship of time II

Series 13 - Talk 10 - Stewardship of Time I

Series 13 - Talk 09 - Stewardship of our Talents

Series 13 - Talk 08 - Stewardship of Money and other Physical Resources

Series 13 - Talk 07 - Stewardship of Relationships (family)

Series 13 - Talk 06 - Stewardship of Relationships (marital)

Series 13 - Talk 05 - Stewardship of Relationships

To build valuable relationships one must be aware of how we communicate information, thoughts and goals. The tongue reveals our innermost opinions and must controlled.

Series 13 - Talk 04 - Stewardship of the Mind and Emotions

We are to love God with heart, mind and soul. In other words our total being should be dedicated to God and subjected to His will if we want to be good stewards of His property.

Series 13 - Talk 03 - Principle 4 - a Steward Must Always Act Within Boundaries. Leaders Also have to be Accountable

A steward must always act within boundaries. To go outside of God's will is sin and has a consequence. To the unbeliever- death and believer- loss of reward.Both stewards and leaders also are accountable for their decisions.

Series 13 - Talk 02 - Review Principle 2 - It is The Owner who Determines the Purpose and Usage of His Property. Principle 3 The main purpose of a steward is to add value

It is the owner who determines the purpose and usage of his property. The main purpose of a steward is to add value to that which has been entrusted to him.

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