From Trouble to Triumph –Part 1a

King Solomon said that God ordains a time for everything . . . including heartache. In other words, trials don’t just happen. God sends them your way. But why would a loving God want you to go through trouble . . . how could it possibly help you? Find out, when John MacArthur begins his study Benefiting from Life’s Trials, on the next GRACE TO YOU.

The Lie That Proves the Resurrection, Part 2

The cross is foolishness to those who don’t believe in Christ. But have you ever considered how far the scoffers have gone—and will go—in their attempt to disprove Jesus’ death and resurrection? The misinformation began to circulate the very day Christ rose from the dead. John MacArthur shows you what Scripture says about “The Lie That Proves the Resurrection”—be here for that on the next GRACE TO YOU.

The Lie That Proves the Resurrection, Part 1

It’s said that you should never chase a lie—if you leave it alone, it will run itself to death. Well, there’s a lie about Jesus that’s still alive 2,000 years later . . . yet it actually helps prove the central truth of our faith. Let me encourage you to join John MacArthur for a compelling look at “The Lie That Proves the Resurrection” . . . on the next edition of GRACE TO YOU.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ –Part 2b

Avoid the subject of death—don’t talk about it . . . don’t bring it to mind. That’s the world’s strategy. But what about for Christians? What should you think about death—and life after it? Consider that as John MacArthur looks to the One who has power over death and who conquered it on behalf of sinners like you and me. Tune in for the study The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ –Part 2a

You know those books about people who claim to have died, gone to heaven . . . and come back. Their stories are popular. Well, know this: For the truth about life beyond the grave, there is only one source . . . and that’s the Word of God. Look there with John MacArthur when he continues his current study, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ –Part 1b

“It is finished!” Jesus cried . . . then He drew His last breath. Soon after, His body was lying in a tomb, His followers were scattered, and His enemies seemed victorious. But three days later, Jesus rose again and that changed everything.Take a fresh look at The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. . . with John MacArthur . . . on the next GRACE TO YOU.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ –Part 1a

On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur’s going to start a study on The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.It’s a look at how that doctrine can transform your worship and day-to-day walk with Christ. It’s a perfect study that will help you prepare for a profound Easter celebration. Tune in for The Resurrection of Jesus Christ on GRACE TO YOU.

The King Crucified - Responses at Calvary

It’s a sad some point in life everyone would have blended into that Jerusalem crowd that condemned Jesus and called for His death.Yet after Jesus died, many in that crowd changed their views, believing Jesus was God’s son. Why the sudden transformation? And what can you take away from the responses of the eyewitnesses? Consider that here on GRACE TO YOU as John MacArthur continues his compelling study. . . The Crucifixion Chronicle.

The King Crucified - Consummation at Calvary, Part 2

It’s been called the hinge on which all of history turns. It’s certainly the turning point in the Bible . . . the painful crescendo of Jesus’ earthly ministry. On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur points to the precise details recorded in Luke’s gospel, as he continues his study titled . . . The Crucifixion Chronicle. It’s a portrait that can prepare you for profound worship as Resurrection Sunday approaches.

The King Crucified - Consummation at Calvary, Part 1

The suffering Jesus endured at Calvary was perhaps the worst physical torture any human’s ever faced.Yet Christ’s physical suffering was nothing compared to the spiritual anguish He had to endure.So beyond physical pain what else did Christ experience? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur

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