The Foolishness of God, Part 2a

An actor says people need to love each other more . . . a writer says education can solve society’s problems . . . a politician says more government spending canput an end to society’s ills. Today, human wisdom has crept into some churches . . . staining pure doctrine. And that means many people are being led to trust what can’t be trusted.Take a close look at what God’s Word offers today on GRACE TO YOU, as John MacArthur continues his series . . . The Foolishness of God.

The Foolishness of God, Part 1b

These days it seems that people trust in science to answer life’s questions . . . hope that politics, will improve the world . . . see education as the path to ultimate fulfillment . . . or look inward, believingthat inner voice is the best guide in life.The result? Human wisdom is elevated. God’s wisdom is considered foolish. So how can you be sure you’re trusting in God’s wisdom . . . not the world’s? John MacArthur answers that question today on GRACE TO YOU.

The Foolishness of God, Part 1a

You know, doubts about the gospel’s relevance are nothing new. People have always struggled to believe the gospel . . . because it defies human wisdom and appears to be—in a word—foolish. But today on GRACE TO YOU, you’re going to see how God’s Word can meet your most profound needs, answer your deepest questions . . . and direct your steps . . . as John MacArthur launches his study called . . . The Foolishness of God.

Convincing Testimony to the Resurrection

Simon Greenleaf’s most important contribution to mankind was when he set out to examine the evidence for Christ’s Resurrection . . . and follow it wherever it led. After a thorough study, he concluded this: That there was more evidence supporting the Resurrection than just about any event in human history! Now what evidence did Greenleaf find . . .and what made is so persuasive? John MacArthur shows you today on GRACE TO YOU.

Resurrection - The Key to Everything (#2)

Tomorrow—Good Friday —will be a day of sorrow for many, many people . . . as they mourn the shame and unspeakable suffering Jesus endured on the cross. Yet what followed His sacrifice is so remarkable—so monumental—only the sinless Son of God could accomplish it. You’ll see that today on GRACE TO YOU as John MacArthur continues his study called Easter Through the Eyes of God.

Resurrection - The Key to Everything (#1)

In an era that emphasizes the wedding day more than the marriage itself . . . is it surprising that Jesus’ death and resurrection are remembered . . . and the real meaning of the events themselves are forgotten or misunderstood? Well, today on GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur examines the truth behind the familiar Easter story as he continues his study titled Easter Through the Eyes of God.

Looking at the Cross from God’s Perspective (#2)

The story’s told of three workers who helped build St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Asked what they were doing, one said he was cutting stone . . . another said earning a wage. The third, though, said, “I’m helping build a beautiful cathedral.” Three men . . . three perspectives. Well, perhaps you’ve heard several takes on the Crucifixion over the years, like that of the apostles or the thief on the cross. But have you ever considered God’s perspective on the death of His Son? That’s John MacArthur’s focus today on GRACE TO YOU.

Looking at the Cross from God’s Perspective (#1)

If you’re standing on a busy street, and you ask 20 people to describe what they see . . . you’ll probably get 20 different answers. And while each perspective may be helpful . . . they’re not all equal. The reality is . . . the more you see . . . the better your perspective. That was never truer than at the crucifixion of Jesus. It can be helpful to see the cross from the disciples’ perspective, Pilate’s, even from those crucified with Jesus. But have you ever considered the perspective of God Himself? With that in mind, John MacArthur begins a series today titled . . . Easter Through the Eyes of God here on GRACE TO YOU.

Spiritual Intimidation, Part 2

You may know people who profess faith in Christ and who say they believe the Bible, but they think there is wiggle room in Scripture that allows for . . . broad definitions of marriage . . . and abortion . . . and not being part of a local church. Essentially, they set their own standards for what it means to be a Christian. Of course, when we trust in our own, sin-tainted thinking, the consequences are disastrous. John MacArthur drives that point home today on GRACE TO YOU.

Spiritual Intimidation, Part 1

Have you ever been at a party or eating lunch with coworkers and mentioned you were a Christian? Now, sometimes that goes great . . . but sometimes there are people who immediately bring up why they could never be a Christian. Perhaps they’re ready to argue that every religion has at least a kernel of truth . . . and there are many paths to God. So in those situations, how should you respond . . . how can you make sure you’re honoring the Lord? Consider that today with John MacArthur on GRACE TO YOU.

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