“Empty Words” (#2)

In baseball, even the best hitters can be tricked by a good pitcher. And you know, even a sharp person can be fooled about salvation—convinced he’s a Christian when, really, he’s not. So how can you make sure that’s not you—how can you be certain you’re going to heaven? What are the marks of a true Christian? On this edition of GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur looks at all those crucial issues in his series titled Salvation Survey.

“Empty Words” (#1)

Matthew Henry said, “it ought to be our chief and constant care to make our calling and election sure, to secure a title to heaven’s happiness, and then get the evidence of it.” Sadly, there are many today who are certain they’ve received salvation when, the fact is, they’re deceived. Listen to GRACE TO YOU this week when John MacArthur walks you through his study titled, Salvation Survey and what the Bible says is the difference between true and false Christians.

“Who is Christ’s Slave” (#2)

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, you’ve been bought with a price with the precious blood of the Savior. You may know what that means—your sins have been paid for, your access to eternal life has been purchased—but what does the price Christ paid mean for your life today? John MacArthur answers that on GRACE TO YOU, when he concludes his series on Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple.

“Who is Christ’s Slave” (#1)

Slavery ... just the thought of it causes anger in many people, and it’s easy to understand why. But could being a slave ever be something to cherish, rejoice in, even long for? On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur shows you what it means to be a slave of Christ, as he continues his series titled Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple. He looks at the most basic relationship all believers have with Christ, that of slave and master.

“The Power and Pity of Jesus” (#2)

The apostle Peter denied Christ ... three times. His act was as evil, bold, resolute, and public as Judas’. But what was the difference? Find out when John MacArthur continues his series on Lessons for a Modern Day-Disciple with an encouraging look at the power and compassion of Christ on this edition of "Grace to You".

“The Power and Pity of Jesus” (#1)

Perhaps you’re going through a trial right now and you’re not sure why God is allowing such pain. Maybe you’re not suffering, but you want to be ready for the inevitable trial. Either way, you’ll want to stay tuned as John MacArthur continues his study on Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple showing you how Jesus responded to the sick and suffering He encountered.

“Restoring Worship of the Holy Spirit” (#2)

If asked “who saves you?” . . . would you say God the Father, Jesus Christ, or the Holy Spirit? John MacArthur’s answer to that question on GRACE TO YOU might surprise you and change how you worship God. So, stay tuned for this study on Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple.

“Restoring Worship of the Holy Spirit” (#1)

Perhaps you’ve wished you could have been one of the apostles. For three years, they spent nearly all their waking hours with Christ. They talked with Him, ate meals beside Him, saw Him calm a storm. Considering all that, it might surprise you to know that it’s possible for you—living more than 2 millennia after the cross—to have a closer relationship with Jesus than the apostles had when Christ walked on earth. Find out when John continues his study called Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple.

“A Tale of Two Preachers” (#2)

They were taught by the same teacher, lived for three years with the same small group of friends, yet they turned down two vastly different paths. One became a pillar of the early church, the other, history’s most notorious villain. On the next GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur shows you why one stayed loyal to Christ while the other betrayed him. Tune in to hear more of John’s study on Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple.

“A Tale of Two Preachers” (#1)

How does Judas differ from Peter in what they did to Christ? Consider that today on GRACE TO YOU as John MacArthur looks at “The Transforming Effect of Loving Christ.”It’s part of his series . . . Lessons for a Modern-Day Disciple.

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