Praying the Lord's Prayer

Does your prayer life need improvement? Today we learn from Jesus who did not only teach us to pray but he lived a life of prayer. He started his ministry with prayer and regularly spent time alone in prayer to the Father. Join us today as we learn how to pray like Jesus.

Praying for Christlikeness

Christlikeness is the supreme priority for believing people. What does the scripture has to say about this subject? How can we pray for Christlikeness? And how can we grow in Christlikeness?

Face2Face- John

Today we explored the experience of the Apostle John when he came face to face with Jesus on the Island of Patmos. What spiritual insights can we learn from his description of Jesus? What is your response to Jesus based on this description?

Face 2 Face-Isaiah

What would be your reaction if you came face to face with the Lord? Today, we examine the experience of Isaiah the prophet. We learn how he saw himself, the truth about God and Isaiah’s response to God’s calling.

The Light Has Come

The birth of Jesus means the light has shined into the kingdom of darkness in which humans live. In today’s sermon, we explore 3 types of darkness that Jesus’ light has overcome. Which one do you live in? Have you experienced the fact that darkness has not overcome the light?

Wise Worshipper

What are some barriers that prevent truth seekers from meeting Jesus. In this scripture passage, we learn from 2 groups of people from similar backgrounds. Who do you compare yourself to? Have you met Jesus in person and worshipped him?

Mary's Song of Praise

Have you wondered how to worship and be a worshiper that God seeks? In today’s passage we learn from Mary’s song of praise some key attributes that can help us become true worshipers.

Grace to (with) You

Grace is one of the most important words in Christian faith. Why is it so? and what does it mean to live by Grace? Join us today as we learn 3 essential truths about grace.

A Prayer for Sanctification

Jesus prays to the Father that He may sanctify us. But what does sanctification mean exactly? Who is responsible for this process? What aspect of our lives does it include?

Rejoicing Life-Praying Life-Grateful Life

What are 3 important spiritual qualities every Christian should diligently pursue? Listen to this sermon as Paul gave the final exhortations to the church in Thessalonica.

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