Hearing and Keeping, Seeing and Believing

Jesus gave His hearers one last review of why He should be believed and trusted. What was in His last appeal to them? In today's sermon, Pastor Isaac Mooneyham studies the contents of Jesus' last appeal.

They Still Did Not Believe Him

How, after prolonged time with the physical Jesus, could people not believe Him? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham explores how in this sermon first preached in Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Walk While You Have The Light

Of all the thoughts Jesus had while He walked on this earth, why did He say this troubled Him?

We Wish to See Jesus

Have you considered that people near you want to see Jesus? Why would the two men wishing to see Jesus be included in John's gospel?

Truly This Was the Son of God

Was Jesus just another victim of a government's abuse? Pastor Isaac Monneyham shares on Jesus' death and resurrection in this sermon preached at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Behold Your King is Coming

John speaks of three crowds in only 11 verses. Which crowd would you have been a part of? What difference does it make? Let Isaac Mooneyham help you understand in this sermon first preached at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

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