Psalm 34

How would you respond to a terrible, almost incomprehensible situation, deeply hurting you? Dan Peters' sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church deals with this very unwanted situation, and what to do in such at time.

Thomas - Skepticism

Is it wrong to have doubts about Jesus? What should be done with doubts if they exist? Dan Peters gives good guidance in this sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Four Eyes

Not all of the disciples got it, but do you? Do you get it? What is there to get? Dan Peters answer to that may surprise you. Listen to his sermon delivered to Wake Chapel Christian Church to find out.

Divine Appointments

Have you ever wondered how God orchestrates the events and encounters of life? Do things really just happen? Dan Peters explores this in this sermon delivered to Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Local Community Impact

Jesus made a prediction about the church having an impact near you. Does that include you? Listen to Dan Peters' sermon delivered to Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Whole Gospel to the Whole World

How did the number of Christians go from 12 people to over 1 billion people now? Dan Peters shares the answer in this sermon from Wake Chapel Christian Church.

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