What should the followers of Jesus be doing while they wait for his coming?

The Caught Woman and her Accusers

What did Jesus do when presented with an adulteress and her accusers? How applicable is this today?

The Rich Young Ruler - Materialism

Is it possible that you have a problem with "Materialism" and not even know it? How would you know? What can you do once you realize you do have this curable problem?

The Woman at the Well - Emptiness

She had a problem that many people have today: Emptiness. He understood it perfectly. What did Jesus do about her (and your) need?

Jonah - Bitterness

Jonah served God yet he had a bad attitude. How can this be? Why would God include this in the Bible? How would you minister to your enemies? Dan Peters continues his series on "Wonderful Counselor" at Wake Chapel Christian Church.


Why do followers of Jesus hold communion services? What is meant by "Communion"?

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