Women in Worship

How is the Christian supposed to handle the hot topic of what women can do in the church? Is the Bible applicable to today's culture? Dan Peters tackles this topic in this sermon first delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Destroyer or Derelict

What does the Bible mean when it says someone is to be handed over to Satan? Why would Paul say those words? Dan Peters answers these questions in this sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

The Worst Sinner

What is your testimony of what Jesus has done for you? The Apostle Paul shares his testimony in the passage of scripture studied at Wake Chapel Christian Church in this sermon.

The Proper Use of the Law

Just because something is taught doesn't mean it is properly understood and applied. What should be the proper use of the law and doctrine given in scripture? What is legalism? Dan Peters gives answers to four questions raised in 1 Timothy 1:6-11 as delivered to Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Doctrine Makes a Difference

When your church is without a pastor, what should you do? How do you prepare yourself for the new pastor? Dan Peters begins a new series entitled "Timothy, Titus and You" at the Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Psalm 34

How would you respond to a terrible, almost incomprehensible situation, deeply hurting you? Dan Peters' sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church deals with this very unwanted situation, and what to do in such at time.

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