The Mystery of Godliness

How could someone possibly get 6 points out of a topic of godliness? Well, Dan Peters shares 6 points from an ancient writer to today's Christian in a sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

The Household of God

Who is the owner of the house of God? Who actually is the occupant of the house? What is the objective of the house? What does God care about what happens in the house of God? Pastor Dan Peters delivered this sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Great Confidence in the Faith

If your spiritual life was a garden, what would it look like? Would it have good plants and vegetables? Would it be full of weeds? Pastor Dan Peters cultivates some deep thoughts in this sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Godly Men

What do you really want to have said on your tombstone? Does it matter what you do in life? What really does matter? What kind of a man are you? Pastor Dan Peters continues the study in 1 Timothy in this sermon preached at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Servant Leadership

What do men need to be encouraged to be and do? What could "servant leadership" possibly have to do with them? At Wake Chapel Christian Church, Dan Peters shares what ambitions the men should have and hone.


Graduates need encouragement and exhortation especially in these days and times. Do you want respect? Dan Peters shared this sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church, but it is beneficial to more than his congregation, so listen and learn.

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