How clearly are you able to think when you are just plain tired? How should you cope with exhaustion? Pastor Dan Peters continues his series on "Wonderful Counselor".


Have you ever wondered what's there to be thankful for especially in your situation? Who is supposed to shout joyfully to the Lord? Are you supposed to be doing so?


Miriam, Aaron and Moses had a problem. This problem is more prominent today than we care to realize. How did God deal with it then and how can that help us now?


Has God ever had to help someone who had an inferiority complex? Did you know that there are biblical accounts of when God stepped in and helped those who suffered from feeling inferior?


How well do you cope with "the empty chair" at the holidays? What can you do about the grief still so fresh that it hurts? How can God be of help to you at such times?


The world is full of abused people. What counsel does God have for abused people?

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