Commissioning Service

What is a commissioning service?

Jesus Weeps

Do You Believe This?

What did Jesus ask Martha if she believes? What do you need to believe about Jesus? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham shares the answer in this sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

This Illness Does Not Lead To Death

Why didn't Jesus heal Lazarus? Couldn't Jesus have healed him? What purpose did Jesus have in delaying going to His friend? Listen to Pastor Isaac Mooneyham share the answers.

I and The Father Are One

Who was Jesus? Was He just a good man or a good teacher? Who did Jesus claim to be? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham answers these questions in today's sermon.

The Good Shepherd

Do you need a shepherd? Did you know that you do need a shepherd? Do you know who is the Good Shepherd? "The Good Shepherd is studied in today's sermon by Pastor Isaac Mooneyham.

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