Change of Plans

Yes, I Do Well to Be Angry!

Have you ever been mad at God? Did you feel you had a right to be angry? Jonah was, and Jonah felt he had a right to be angry. How did God respond? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham shares how in this sermon preached at Wake Chapel Christian Chapel.

Do You Do Well to Be Angry?

Why would a man of God be angry about a plant dying? Why would a man of God not be concerned with 120,000 children's spiritual welfare?

God Relented of the Disaster

You Brought Up My LIfe From the Pit

Did a large fish really swallow a man? Did that man go on to a city inland? How could these be true? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham brings understanding to these questions in today's sermon as preached in Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Hurl Me Into the Sea

Why did Jonah tell the sailors to toss him overboard? What was he motivation? Pastor Isaac Mooneyham shares various options and opinions on them in this sermon delivered at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

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