Puzzle Principles

The Puzzle Has a Designer

I Spy . . . And Other Christian Games

Breaking Free of Cocoons, Part 2

Breaking Free of Cocoons, Part 1

What Makes You Tick

One of the most powerful illustrations of Christian living is found in Isaac's willingness to let his father, Abraham, sacrifice him in obedience to God. From his example we learn the difficult truth that Christianity is all about stepping up to the altar. 

More Than Skin and Bones

In Romans 12:1 the Apostle Paul reminds believers that you can't have the glory of the Gospel without the grit of the Gospel. Here is Christianity . . . uncensored.

Mrs. Job--Lessons from Secondhand Suffering

Job lost his family, his estate, his friends, his health, and his reputation in a matter of hours. But he isn't the only person who suffered in this story. Behind the scenes his wife also lost her kids, her home, her reputation, and her security. Mrs. Job only makes a brief appearance in Job 2:9-10, but it's enough to open our eyes to the silent and lonely pain experienced by secondhand sufferers.

A Monument of Praise in the Valley of Despair

In a matter of thirty-nine seconds, Job lost his money, his possessions, his livestock, and even his children. He is sorrowing over his loss . . . and for good reason. But he is not the only one sorrowing over a loss. Satan, who was convinced that Job would respond to the torment by cursing God, watched in agony as Job fell down on his face and worshiped God instead.

Acts of God, Part 2

In the quest for answers to life's difficult questions, we discover that the search for strength and security eventually leads us to the foot of the throne. Hope in the valley and peace in the storm can only be found only in the Sovereign God who rules and reigns over all.

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