Holding Esther Episode 1 of 7

Following the death of their parents, Sarah and Esther are sent to live with their aunt and uncle. However this is not a safe place for the girls and results in abuse and exploitation. The girls run away to escape the trauma. However, life on the streets does not prove to be any better.

Holding Esther Episode 2 of 7

Sarah and Esther are hungry which prompts Sarah to steal a banana. As she runs from the shopkeeper, she is hit by a bus. However, this proves to be God’s mercy in that the girls are rescued by Maria who runs a safe house for girls. In the safe house the girls receive medical care and a good meal, but are skeptical that Maria truly has their best interests in mind.

Holding Esther Episode 3 of 7

Maria teaches her new employee, Naomi, about life in the safe house including the difference between sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. As Sarah and Esther begin to participate in daily life, a carpenter, Mwongo, arrives to do some work. Sarah feels flattered by Mwongo’s attention although she knows she is not supposed to speak with him.

Holding Esther Episode 4 of 7

Mwongo’s intentions toward Sarah become clear and Maria handles the situation decisively. However, Sarah does not appreciate Maria's intervention and Esther blames herself for her failure to protect her sister. While Esther trusts Maria to help her sort through her feelings, Sarah makes a decision that deeply impacts her safety and welfare.

Holding Esther Episode 5 of 7

Esther and the other girls in the safe house engage in the long, hard work of healing from the trauma they have experienced. Meanwhile, Sarah experiences the consequences of her decision resulting in frightening experience for Esther.

Holding Esther Episode 6 of 7

Naomi wrestles with the hard work of helping children who have been traumatized and learns about the value of play as well as taking care of herself. While Esther processes her pain, she hears devastating news about Sarah.

Holding Esther Episode 7 of 7

While Esther grieves the loss of her sister, Maria and Naomi welcome a new girl to the safe house. Her injuries are extensive and she has been badly traumatized. And the process of bringing healing and hope to traumatized children continues.

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