PT224 Eng

The Christian landscape is littered with fallen soldiers, men and women who are overwhelmed with guilt and shame. Most of us have no idea what to do with them. Dennis Kizziar presents a seminar on "Fallen, Broken, Restored" and offers a practical biblical guide on how to help Christians who are struggling with significant sin issues. He explains o…read more

SM022 Eng 11. The Encounter of Jesus with Mary at the Wedding Feast

Sometimes we read what Jesus says and it doesn’t seem to be connected to the context. It's because He knows people's thoughts and responds to them. In this session the teacher: - explores the famous encounter of Mary with Jesus at the wedding feast; - shares the best advice in the history of the world; - talks about prayer and miracles; - encourages us to follow the model of Mary and obey God in the time He disappoints us.

SM022 Eng 10. The Disciples Encounter Jesus. First Followers of Christ

In Luke 5 we come to the Sea of Galilee where so many lessons are taught by Jesus. Why do Peter and others leave the business of fishing and begin to follow Jesus? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - explains the difference between teaching and training; - explores the account of Peter and other fishermen obeying the words of Jesus; - talks about two categories of God's attributes and His vision for us.

SM022 Eng 9. The Disciples Encounter Jesus. Nathanael's Faith

How does Jesus work faith in Nathanael's heart? What verbs constitute the disciples' motto? In this session the teacher explores Nathanael's encounter with Jesus and: - talks about regional prejudices; - highlights the miracle of reading one's mind; - unpacks John 1:50 and emphasizes three key verbs; - uses an illustration about flying in the dark to show how the Bible can help us see in the darkness; - explains the connection between Nathanael and Jacob's ladder.

SM022 Eng 6. The Temptation of Jesus by the Devil

Jesus is baptized in Mathew 3 and he is tempted by the devil in chapter 4. How can we profit from the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness? In this session the teacher investigates an unusual encounter of Jesus and: - talks about the authority of Scripture and the importance of fellowship; - shares his position on whether Jesus could sin; - explains the devil’s tactics in tempting Jesus; - encourages us to be ready to resist the opposition.

SM022 Eng 8. The Disciples Encounter Jesus. Logos. The Lamb of God

In the beginning of John 1 Jesus is introduced as Logos, the Word of God, the explanation of God and the meaning of God. In the second half of John 1 Jesus is presented as the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - explains how Jesus answers the needs of the Jews and the Greeks; - talks about Isaac and his question in Genesis 22; - explores the theme of receiving a new name; - shares three orientations to discipleship.

SM022 Eng 7. Encountering Jesus in His Teaching

How do we encounter Jesus in His teaching? How does the Sermon on the Mount represent who Jesus is? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - highlights the counterintuitive nature of what Jesus says and does; - quotes John Stott's words about the Sermon on the Mount; - talks about the messianic expectations of Jews; - explains the first goal of an evangelist.

SM022 Eng 5. The Encounter of Jesus with John the Baptist. Doubts of John in Prison

In Mathew 11 we find John in prison. His suffering is so great that he has doubts even though he has heard God speak from heaven. What can we learn from that account? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - speculates about John's expectations; - explains what Jesus means in verse 11 when he speaks about John the Baptist; - talks about two fantastic experiences we will have in heaven.

SM022 Eng 1. Introduction

How is it to our advantage that Jesus Christ had to ascend after His resurrection? Are we more blessed than the people who had the advantage of seeing Jesus and listening to Him? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - talks about the ministry of the Holy Spirit and our dependence on Him; - explains why it was better for Jesus to leave; - highlights the difficulties we have when we encounter Jesus; - encourages us to teach others what it means to be a disciple.

SM022 Eng 4. The Encounter of Jesus with John the Baptist. Baptism of Jesus

In Mathew 3 Jesus begins His ministry and presents himself to John to be baptized by him. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - talks about John's encounter with Jesus in his mother's womb; - describes an important event of the baptism of Jesus Christ; - dwells on the topic of hypocrisy; - explains why John wanted to stop Jesus from being baptized; - compares baptism to death; - briefly explains the doctrine of Trinity.

SM022 Eng 2. The Encounter of Jesus with Mary and Joseph. Simeon and the Child Jesus

We need one another to learn about Jesus what we couldn't learn about Him ourselves. In Luke 2 Simeon meets Jesus in the temple and tells amazing things about Him to His parents. In this session the teacher: - talks about Simeon's prophecy and the encounter of Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus; - explains the importance of the cross; - gives the examples of people who understood the idea of suffering on the road of following Christ; - shares a quote about the childhood of Jesus.

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