SM022 Eng 29. The Encounter of Jesus with Mary Magdalene

The heart of Christianity is the Cross but in this last session Ronnie Stevens looks at the time after the resurrection of Jesus in John 20. This chapter has a tremendous apologetic value when we talk to people who do not believe that Jesus raised from the dead. Ronnie Stevens explores the encounter of Mary Magdalene with Jesus at the tomb and shar…read more

SM022 Eng 28. The Encounter of Jesus with Martha and Mary. The Miracle of Raising Lazarus

Jesus looks at the scene of death and He is very sad. In this encounter with Jesus Martha and Mary are going to learn more about His ministry. In this session the teacher: - talks about the emotions of Jesus in John 11 and explains why He wept; - unpacks the account of a miracle in which Jesus brings Lazarus of Bethany back to life four days after his burial; - encourages students to do the ministry Christ gave them.

SM022 Eng 27. The Encounter of Jesus with Martha and Mary. In the House of Mourning

In John 11 we read about the crisis in the family of the best friends of Jesus. He comes to the house of Martha and Mary, the house of mourning and devastation. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - discusses one of the greatest accusations against God; - talks about a book written by C.S. Lewis; - explains why knowing Greek is critical for this account; - explores the topic of death in more detail.

SM022 Eng 26. The Encounter of Jesus with Zacchaeus

In Luke 19 Jesus honors a dishonorable person, a tax collector in Jericho. He reminds us of who we are and what we are supposed to do. In this session the teacher: - provides a historical background that helps to understand the account of Zacchaeus; - explores the truths about Jesus and Zacchaeus; - explains why people needed law; - uses interesting examples to illustrate the main points.

SM022 Eng 25. The Encounter of Jesus with the Young Rich Ruler

In Mathew 19 Jesus has an encounter with a rich young ruler. They talk about the way to obtain eternal life. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - shares three shocking or counterintuitive things Jesus says in this story; - talks about the way we teach people to do evangelism and compares it to the way Jesus does evangelism; - encourages students to give up what they don't want to give up to be true disciples of Jesus.

SM022 Eng 24. A Lesson About Worship

In Luke 7 Jesus is eating in the house of one of the Pharisees. A sinful woman comes to the house and anoints His feet. Jesus is full of grace and mercy while the Pharisees are not. In this session the teacher: - emphasizes the fact that Jesus blessed a lot of women in His ministry; - shares one of the most perfect models of worship in the New Testament; - unpacks the parable Jesus tells to teach the Pharisees a lesson.

SM022 Eng 23. Peter's Encounter with Jesus in Mattew 16

What can we learn from the most famous encounter of Peter with Jesus in Mathew 16? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - highlights two incredible things about Simon Peter; - argues that Judah is a false disciple; - addresses the controversy about apostolic succession; - encourages students to tell the truth about Christ and the work of Christ.

SM022 Eng 22. Two Encounters and Two Miracles

In Mathew 9 we meet a ruler who asks Jesus to bring back to life his dead daughter and a woman who has suffered from a discharge of blood for twelve years. What can we learn about faith and God's priorities from these encounters with Jesus? In this session the teacher: - explains the differences between chronic and acute diseases; - talks about two kinds of faith; - pays attention to the situations where people try to teach Jesus what death is.

SM022 Eng 21. The Encounter of Jesus with a Canaanite Woman. The Miracle of Healing

Miracles of Jesus are not a random act of power. Miracles back up His claims, teach lessons, illustrate truths and tell stories. What is Jesus teaching us through the miracle in Mathew 15 In this session Ronnie Stevens: - explains the meaning of the word 'dog' in Mathew 15; - encourages the students to proclaim the message in the midst of suffering; - talks about the way our faith grows; - shares interesting examples and illustrations about faith and suffering.

SM022 Eng 20. The Encounter of Jesus with a Canaanite Woman. Great is Your Faith!

In Mathew 15 Jesus happens to be in the district of Tyre and Sidon. There a Canaanite woman, a mother of a demon possessed girl, comes to beg Jesus for mercy. How does Jesus respond to her plea? In this session Ronnie Stevens: - emphasizes Mathew's purpose in recording the genealogy of Jesus; - takes a moment to comment on terrible sufferings of people in the world; - briefly talks about the doctrine of election.

SM022 Eng 19. The Encounter of Jesus with the Centurion

In Mathew 8 we read about the encounter of a gentile, a professional officer of the Roman army, with Jesus. In this session Ronnie Stevens: - highlights what amazes Jesus in the centurion; - discusses the issue about the fate of unbelievers who didn't hear the gospel; - explores key biblical passages; - shares an interesting illustration about the power of the Sun.

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