Brandon - My control of women stemmed from abuse

Brandon's drug use was rooted in a deeper problem. A car accident led to his finding Christ, which led to his overcoming the effects of sexual abuse.

Danny Gokey - Why did God let the love of my life die?

Danny began to see more of what God was doing in his life when he told his story to millions as a finalist on American Idol.

Meredith Parker - I was dead for 20 minutes

She would probably end up dead and certainly brain damaged, the doctors said. But Meredith's husband boldly believed otherwise.

Amy M - A radical lesbian, consulting the dead. These were all part of my search.

Amy turned to the occult to solve her deep problems. But the evil spirit she picked up was defeated by the Holy Spirit.

Mike Weaver - Coped with

Mike Weaver may be lead singer for a well known band today, but life continues to be a challenge for him, like everyone else, as he struggles to find his positive ...

Christian - The drug cartel brought money and popularity

After his Dad died, Christian plunged into sex and drugs. Prison led to his conversion, but he was still angry at God for taking his Dad, a minister, with cancer.

Scott Brown - Dad said no to my cowboy dreams

Scott didn't get drunk or sleep around. Rather, he squared off with his Dad and then with God on what really matters.

Ashley - Shooting up meth as a 16 year old mother

Ashley was 15, popular, and friends with the cheerleaders. Then she fell for a druggie, got pregnant, and was shooting up meth within two years.

Sonya - Why did my little boy suffer?

What is the worst thing that could happen to a person? It happened to Sonya. Yet she still clings to Christ, has hope for the future, and beams joy. True joy.

Marilyn - A prostitute for years when I met my husband

First it was just a little marijuana, but it led to crack cocaine, which led to years of working the streets...

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