Herb - Joined the Black Panthers so I could kill some white men

Cat - Daily Buddhist prayers with Mom since childhood

Cat had a daily routine of praying to a Buddhist altar for an hour or more. Then she started dating a Christian and visited his church...

Danny Wallace - Behind the homosexuality was a person

Danny, a Christian minister, found the strength to move out of homosexuality and beyond the abuse in his childhood. But then the Lord asked him to talk about it ...

Hugh - Lost my job and almost my wife before admitting the problem

One of the women was a employee at work. The Board of Directors called me in. After questioning me about this they terminated my employment, effective immediately...

Matthew - Survived face and body burns, melting skin

"So, this brush, I lit it on fire and as soon as I lit it, it exploded and the flames just went in my face, it totally engulfed my body."

Cody McCarver

Cody, a country music celebrity, could leave behind girls and drugs. But when his Dad got locked up for life, his struggle with God found it's biggest challenge.

Steve and Melinda - Wife and I held at gunpoint by a killer

Andrew - Baseball all-star, girlfriend with benefits. Life seemed perfect

Andrew started asking if life was worth continuing after he lost his girlfriend and another close friend to suicide.

Maxim (Russian language) - Addicted to heroin in Russia

Maxim was born in Ukraine, then moved to nearby Russia where he found himself hopelessly addicted until Christ broke through.

Brandy - A stripper and hooker. Then married a virgin.

Brandy's godly husband rescued her from a sordid life. It was not rooted in money or pleasure, but rather in rejection, abandonment, and low self esteem.

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