Tasha - My brother's tragedy led to my redemption.

When my brother passed it was a point of, I really had to cry out to the Lord because the pain was immense.

Jessica - Drugs were more important than my daughter, until I admitted I needed help.

Bill Nye Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

Pat - Dreamed about a place that changed my life

Pat - Dreamed about a place that changed my life

The Big Share - ComeOnLetsGo

Bill Nye and Young Sheldon

Mary and Professor

George - I ran from everything, just like my Father.

Robby - Married at 17 and 15, we have overcome so much

T. J. Johnson - My criminal ways left during an out of body experience

Running drugs by age nine, worth half a million by 15, TJ later vowed to kill eleven men associated with his brother's murder. But when he picked up a bible in his large home with many security...

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