Keith - She wrote very popular posts while dying.

"These are my happy shoes." What is the "Happy Shoes Project" for cancer patients? Find Peace:

Bernie - Asked the phone operator to track down my Father.

Would God be merely like his earthly father, or much better? Find Peace:

Jim - From Basketball Greatness to Humility.

How does one handle going from the limelight to no longer being noticed? Find Peace:

Mike - Found My Self Esteem by Stealing.

It started with a bicycle, then on to motorcycles and a whole lot more. Was God real? Mike had to know for himself. Find Peace:

Tasha - I Met an Angel in Prison.

She called me by my name and told me God was waiting for me. Was she real or an angel? How did she know all these things about me? Find Peace:

Ternae - The Bullet is Still in My Head

"Someone call 911; this boy has been shot in the head!" How did God use a tragic shooting of a boy to effect a city? Find Peace:

Teri - After Losing Two Babies, I Got a Special Surprise

Find Peace:

#shorts Manuel's Story Part 5

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#shorts Manuel's Story Part 4

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#shorts Manuel's Story Part 3

#strugglesofpoverty #familybonds #makingendsmeet #christmasevefears #faithinadversity #trustingthepromises #overcominghardship

The True Meaning of Christmas

Is Christmas really only about being with family and friends and partying and shopping? What is the true meaning of Christmas? Find Peace:

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