The Resurrection Of Jesus

On the third day after Jesus was cruxified, He was resurrected just like what He had prophesied! Do you know what this historial fact meant for us?

Jesus Is Crucified

The world will commemorate Jesus' cruxification in March or April every year. Do you know the origin of this festival?

Jesus Is Arrested

Being betrayed by friends is a painful experience. Do you know why Jesus would endure through such pain?

Prayer At Gethsemane

Walking in the way of the known danger, do you know that Jesus felt the same way the night before He was to face the cross?

Parable Of The vine and The Branches

We hoped that our lives will bear many good fruits, but do you know the secret to being fruitful?

Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit

Jesus was about to leave, yet He promised that those who trusted Him will be with Him forever, do you know how He did it?

The Lord Supper

‘The Last Supper’is a very common topic for the artists, do you know what is the true story behind this?

Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet

The son of the Creator God washes the feet of His disciples! Do you know what He wanted to teach from hence?

Mary Anoints Jesus

The simple act of a lady was told where ever the gospel has spread to, do you know what was the special act she had done?

The Great Offering Of The Poor Widow

In Jesus' eyes, 2 copper coins are more valuable than many silvers, do you know what is the reason?

Jesus Predicts His Death

Very few people are willing to face the fact that they will die one day, do you know why Jesus foretold His death to His disciples?

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