A vision provides direction, unity and a goal to be grasped. Without a vision you have chaos and people will believe in anything. God has placed a vision before us. Are we following it?

Freedom Series - His Place - Part 1

A Fresh Start

Have you ever wanted to just start over again? Have things just not gone the way you wanted or planned? Craig Church has some advice and encouragement especially for you.

Moment of Truth - John 8:32

Biblical Giving In Prayer

What does it mean to have an effectual prayer? What does it mean to prayer fervently? How do you put these together?

Moment of Truth - John 10:10

Freedom Series - His Place - Part 2

Committed Prayer

"This could revolutionize your life!" Craig Church shares how to win the battle.

Moment of Truth - Romans 1:17

Generational Value of Motherhood - Proverbs 31

Faith to Faith

Faith is the belief that God always tells the truth. How important is it to believe this statement. Why does the Bible say multiple times that the just shall live by faith?

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