Can I Trust God Pt. 3

Can we really trust the Bible, that it is from God? Today we are going to learn five reasons why we can put our faith in this book and the God it describes.

Can I Trust God Pt. 2

Some have said the God of the New Testament is a God of love and peace. I’ll follow that God and I won’t follow the God of the Old Testament who is mean and wicked. Many have tried that. But it won’t work. Let’s find out why today.

Can I Trust God Pt. 1

“If the God of the Bible commands that innocent women and children be killed, how can I trust him? How can I trust the bible?”

If Evolution is True, Why Do We Need God

If evolution is true, why do we need God?

Do Miracles Contradict Science Pt. 2

It is not a question so much about miracles as it is a question about God because if God exists then miracles are no problem. What are the evidences for God? Let’s learn some today.

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