The Power Of The Barley Loaf

A barley loaf of bread is very simple and common. However, when it is committed into the hands of Christ, in faith, the Lord can take that which is nothing in the sight of the world, accomplishing His perfect will for His glory. The individual who will give God all the glory is that one who will be blessed.

The Much More of Christianity

How great was the work of Christ on the Cross? And how powerful was the Christ's resurrection, and victory over death? How great is this will of God for the believer, that he should receive Christ in His fulness by the Spirit, to live for the glory of God? It is exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think.

The Care Of The Father

What does it mean for the Father to care for us? Does the answer not begin in the eternal depths of His heart? And is the answer so vast, and yet, tender, that we scarce can understand it? The great reality is that God cares for us in ways to wonderful to grasp, in the great thing and in the small. It is the one who seeks Him, and loves Him, that that care is truly recognized.

Choose Life

What does it mean to choose life? What kind of life? Is it life eternal, a life that is received from God, lived for the glory of God. When the revelation of God to the heart comes by the word of God, God puts before man a choice, whether to choose a life given by God, or to turn away so some lesser thing. God gives the power to believe to those who call upon Him earnestly, and wholeheartedly.

Beyond The Beauty Of Earth

What is true beauty? Of all that is in our eyes on this earth, how much more is the One who designed and created it? It was David who sought to behold the beauty of the Lord in His glory. Moses sought to see it by asking to see God's glory. The fullest expression of that beauty for the believer will come when one meets Christ, seen with new eyes and a sinless heart.

The Victor's Vision

The Time To Awake Is Now

What time is it in the economy of God? It is time to awake from passivity, and the lethargy of a visionless life, to the very present, living Christ, who has loved us and given Himself for us. It is time to put off all that is of the old life and to put on Christ as our life and strength. It is time to live by the faith of the Son of God for His glory, and according to His will.

The Spirit's Testimony Of Joy

One of the great proofs of Christ dwelling in the heart by faith, is the joy that He gives by the Spirit. Just as the wind blowing through the trees reveals its presence be the effect that it demonstrates, so the joy of the Spirit reveals Christ's presence and power.

The Christ Without And Within

How is it possible to run the race of faith? Only by looking outward and upward to Christ before us and trusting the Father who has put the blessed Spirit of Christ within our hearts. The conquering King is before us, and the blessed provider of Life is within. He cannot and will not fail.

Stability In The Storm

Where does stability come from? How is one able to overcome the resistance upon soul and spirit, when the storms of life come to overwhelm it? There is but one supreme source of strength, a strength that is given from heaven, by the Spirit to the one who feels their need of it. "My help cometh from the Lord, who made heaven and earth."

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