Apprehending The Highest

How high and how far does God want us to go? There is only one limit, and it is His sovereign will, that which He calls us to be and to do. To the one who has seen, and has grasped the fact, that Christ is his life, all is in Christ to know and to do the will of God, wherever that may take the believer, to accomplish all that God has purposed. Certainly it is always beyond what we can ask or think.

Unrelinquishing Love

What is un relinquishing love? It is first a love that is from above, given to men by the Spirit of God, in response to faith in Christ. It's essence is of God, and its application is empowered by the Spirit of God. Christ's does not love to let go, but to keep and bless, defying the will and purposes of sinful men. He loves because He is love. The believer loves because he is held by un relinquishing, eternal love.

The Preeminence Of Worship

What is primary in the spiritual life, service or worship? To fail to understand that which is primary is to run the risk and peril of living empty, devoid of life and power. Christ did not die that we should serve Him primarily, but that we should be devoted to Him in love, living primarily for fellowship with Him. Essential to this fellowship is worship, that attributing to God of His worth, praising Him for His goodness and grace revealed to men.

The Just Judge And Compassion

Is the judgment of God and His compassion compatible? Can they coexist and unveil to us something that is essential to see, if we would know God? The justice of God is the revelation of His absolute attitude towards that which is right and just, Himself being the essence and standard of it. His compassion is that blessed gaze upon the sinner who knows nothing of God's justice and truth, and lives in darkness. God's compassion reaches into the darkness to take the hand of the lost, blind, and condemned sinner. He saves that sinner by giving him faith to believe in Christ alone. Then He makes him righteous with a righteousness that is given, and received. With justice fulfilled, the purpose of the unveiling of His compassion is also revealed for His glory.

The Imperative Of The Blood Of Christ

There are things that are not imperative, as they do not apply to the eternal, and specifically to life and living. But there are things that are important, even imperative, especially from a spiritual standpoint. One of those things is the precious blood of Christ. By Christ's shed blood man is bought out of the slave market of sin and death, brought near to God, provided with the gift of peace with God, and by which he has access into the very presence of God. Only by the imperative blood of Christ can this be realized.

The Enemy The World

When the Bible speaks of the "world," it is not necessarily speaking of men, but a system, godless, faithless, and dominated by sin. It is an atmosphere, and a philosophy, which has as its rule the prince of the power of the air, Satan. The dominates its subjects through pleasure, position, and possessions. The strength of such a system lies in its determined refusal to submit to the Lordship of Christ.

A Good Conscience Before God

To walk in the light is to live in the truth of God's word. It means also to not have a controversy with God, that being having a knowledge of the truth, but not believing in God on that point, submitting to Him. A good conscience is one where there is no cloud of disagreement between God and His child on any matter. Clean hands and a pure heart are possible at any moment because of the powerful, precious blood of Christ.

The Newness That Endures

When God works, He makes all things new. How can this be? It is so by virtue of Christ who is everlastingly the same. He is in essence always "new," never aging. HIs mercies are therefore new every morning. And every act of His is "new." Nothing that He does is of sin, decay, and age. He always gives that which is new, even one day creating a new heaven and a new earth, wherein His righteousness fully dwells. In that new creation there will be fulness of His "new" and blessed joy.

The Imperative of Stillness

Stillness and peace go hand in hand in the economy and kingdom of God. Where He reigns there is His peace, a peace of mind and heart that increases, as His reign increases. Stillness, or quietness of heart, is essential to detect and obey the inward impulses of the Spirit of God. God speaks to the heart by His word, confirming and convincing the soul that He is speaking when there is the quiet conviction and peace that He gives.

The Great Constant Worthy Is The Lamb

All things with regard to God are constant, and unchanging. However, from heaven's standpoint, and the believer's true perspective, the worship of the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, not only is this fact a constant reality, but it will be throughout eternity the subject of eternal worship of God in His worthiness revealed in creation, but also, in the worthiness of the Lamb, the Redeemer and Savior of all who will truly believe. The constant of His worthiness will never change.

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