Fear and the Exercising of Gifts

Why is it that people, gifted by God, are afraid to use their gift in service to God?

An Introduction to 2 Timothy

Why did the Apostle Paul write the epistle of 2 Timothy? If you were certain that death would happen soon, what would you write?

Charged Before God

What does the enjoyable life look like?

Exemplary Christian Service

How should you carry yourself in service to the King?

An Open Rebuke of Sin

What would happen in the church today if there was an open rebuke of sin?

Timothy's Behavior

What was Timothy to be doing in the church? How was he to behave in the house of the Lord? How should he treat the men, the women, the older, the younger?

A Good Minister of Christ

Which has longer termed benefits: bodily exercise or Godliness?

Received Up Into Glory

Jesus knows our needs and promised to send help. What is that help? How did Jesus fulfill what He promised?

Qualifications in the Church

What characteristics and traits should a man of God have as he represents God to the people in the church?

The Office of a Bishop

What does a bishop do? Who can be a bishop?

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