The Scourging of Jesus

Many people never survived a scourging, but Jesus endured it for you. Why? Let Pastor Chuck Smith share the answer with you in this edition of "The Word for Today".

Parable of the Laborers

This parable has been often misunderstood. What is the teaching Jesus was sharing to his listeners? Pastor Chuck Smith's answer may surprise you in this edition of "The Word for Today".

Divorce and Remarriage

What good things can you do to obtain eternal life? Pastor Chuck Smith answers this basic question in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

A Spirit of Forgiveness

What really is forgiveness? Do you need it? Do you need to extend it? How should you forgive? Chuck Smith addresses forgiveness in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Greatest in the Kingdom

Do you serve Jesus? How do you serve Jesus? Why do you serve Jesus? Be warned. Pastor Chuck Smith shares that warning in this edition of "The Word for Today".

John the Baptist and Elijah

Why couldn't Jesus' followers help the man who had a lunatic son? In this edition of "The Word for Today", Pastor Chuck Smith has a specific principle to share for your benefit.

The Bright Cloud

Whyd did God talk when Jesus was transfigured? Pastor Chuck Smith shares why in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Return of Jesus

What was the "Transfiguration of Jesus" all about? What difference did it make in the disciples? Pastor Chuck Smith shares on this in this episode of "The Word for Today".

Spiritual Revelation

How do you know if your inspiration comes from God or from your own imagination? This tough question is asked in today's episode of "The Word for Today" with the late Pastor Chuck Smith.

Signs of the Times

Jesus rebuked the religious leaders 2000 years ago for not knowing the signs of the times. Would He rebuke you of the same? Pastor Chuck Smith shares the encounter in this edition of "The Word for Today".

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