Joyful Requests

Paul keeps the church mindful that God completes what God starts. Pastor Chuck draws out riches from Paul the prisoner to encourage the believers with this and more from Chapter 1.

An Introduction to Philippians

When did Paul write the book of Philippians? What were his circumstances to write such an encouraging book of joy?

Servants of Christ

Are you raising a family? Do it unto the Lord. Are you employed? Work as unto the Lord. Are you an employer? Do it as unto the Lord. How? Pastor Chuck share how. How should a Christian engage in Spiritual warfare?

Husbands Love Your Wives

What is the best way to be a spouse? What way should they be treated? How does one learn to respond and not react to their spouse?

Singing to the Lord

Do you sing? What do you like to sing? To whom do you sing? What should be true about your singing?

Light in the Lord

If Christ be in us as Christians, how should we live?

God's Example of Forgiveness

Why is it better to forgive than to choose to not forgive?

Pastors Teachers

So what is a pastor to do? He has all week long between Sundays, what should a good pastor be doing?

One Body One Spirit

What is fellowship? What is it based upon? How much fellowship should take place between people who don't totally agree on doctrine?

Walk Worthy

Paul has spent three chapters declaring some of what God has done for Christians. Now as chapter four begins, the emphasis changes to how ...

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