The Destruction of the Midianites

What is God's perspective on sin? Why would God seek to avenge the Midianites? How is it that God would exterminate a people? Chuck Smith answers these questions in this edition of "The Word for Today".

Extra Sacrafices

What was so special about the 7th month of the Jewish year? Why would there be extra sacrifices then? Chuck Smith explains why in this edition of "The Word For Today".

The Greed of Balaam

The New Testament book of Jude refers to the Old Testament character of Balaam. Why? Chuck Smith shares why on this edition of "The Word for Today".

God's Steadfast Purposes

How can you define an infinite God with the limited human language? Chuck Smith shares on this in today's study in Numbers. Listen to "The Word for Today" to hear his explanation.

The Background of Balaam

Who was this prophet who had some of the most remarkable prophecies uttered in the Old Testament? Did animals talk with people in the Bible? Chuck Smith shares the surprising answers in this edition of "The Word for Today".

A Thing of Brass

Have you ever experienced seeing someone hanging on to the "old whatever" and not allow it to be replaced with something new or different? How often churches split over things that really don't matter as much as they do! Chuck Smith handles this delicate subject in the edition of "The Word for Today".

Moving Toward the Promised Land

Have you ever wondered how it must have been moving more than a million people through a desert? In this episode of "The Word for Today", Chuck Smith helps you gain some appreciation for what Moses did.

The Rebellion of Korah

"And a great fear came upon the children of Israel!" Imagine that understatement as found in the Bible as God answered Moses' prayer. Chuck Smith shares this story in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

The Abundant Life of the Spirit

So many Christians endure their walk rather than enjoy their walk. Why is that? Chuck Smith shares why in this episode of "The Word for Today".

The Graves of Lust

What really is the result of unbridled lust? Does it really deliver all and only what is promises? Chuck Smith shares the answers on this edition of "The Word for Today".

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