The First Disciples and the First Miracle

Christlike ministry is directed by God and His Word and involves co-laborers in communicating the gospel message. This is the pattern of Jesus' earthly ministry from the very beginning.

Resisting Temptation Like Jesus

There is no fast and easy route to serving the Lord. Every experience, every day, is preparing us to follow and serve God tomorrow. The challenges and even the temptations are God's means of teaching us, strengthening us, and preparing us. This is the path Jesus Himself followed.

The Boyhood of Jesus

Meeting religious expectations and observing spiritual rites cannot substitute for a personal relationship with the Lord. This is John the Baptist's message. Unless there is true confession of sin and evidence of genuine repentance, you simply do not know God.

The First Recorded Words of Jesus

Jesus Christ is not only Lord and Savior. He is also our perfect example. He is our model for how to relate to God and to people. The twelve-year-old Jesus offers some relationship lessons for both adults and children.

The Kingmakers Come Calling

The plan of God was to announce in Israel and elsewhere the birth of the King of the Jews and to protect Him and His family and provide for them. None of that could be thwarted by the schemes of evil Herod--or by any other power in the universe.

Mary Brought Her Little Lamb

Joseph and Mary had a unique, divinely ordained role in God's plan, just as we all do. Their experience demonstrates that God is faithful to honor those who are faithful to Him and to encourage them through the testimony of other believers.

The Perfect Timing of God

God's work encompasses all of creation and history. That means He is working in the lives of obscure individuals as well as in the lives of the rich, famous, and powerful. His great work in bringing Jesus into the world as our Savior at just the right time is evidence of that.

The Wedding That Never Happened

God's plans sometimes interrupt our own. We simply need to obey Him and learn to readjust our thinking. God's great plan for the coming of Israel's Messiah into the world created some challenges for Joseph, but this godly man’s character was up for the challenge.

The Songs of Surrendered Hearts

We rightly praise and thank God for wonderful things He has done in our lives. But the examples of two godly people show us we should be equally ready to praise and thank Him for what He has promised to do. That is just as certain as what He has already done.

When the Will of God Turns Life Upside Down

Some of God's greatest works are often overlooked because He is working through common, humble believers like Zechariah, Elizabeth, and Mary. God does not call us to be great people in this world but to be people of great faith.

The Family Tree of Jesus

The genealogy of Jesus is important in establishing His qualification for being Israel's Messiah. It is also an important reminder that God graciously works in the lives of sinners like us to redeem us and make us a part of His eternal family.

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