God is using TWR-Bonaire to make a difference in the life of this 19-year-old young woman in Cuba. Andy's Footsteps Blog

JOZEF GABOR-Hidden In A Sleeping Bag

The amazing true story of Jozef Gabor from Chechoslovakia. Andy's Footsteps Blog


Dariush Ghobad of ERF in Germany explains their ministry's approach to giving. Andy's Footsteps Blog

DARIUSH GHOBAD-Part Of A Big Movement

What excites Dariush Ghobad about the ministry of ERF in Germany and beyond? Andy's Footsteps Blog

ALAN PEARSON-Blue Letter Bible

Alan Pearson describes this comprehensive, online Bible study tool. Andy's Footsteps Blog


"Edwin" describes the lifestyle of many of the people who live in Central Asia. Andy's Footsteps Blog

KATE MITCHELL-Are We Practicing Our Faith Well

What caused Kate Mitchell to ask herself, "am I practicing my faith in a way that is really honoring Jesus?" Andy's Footsteps Blog

KATE MITCHELL-The Good The Bad And The Curious

People in Pakistan are curious about Christianity. Andy's Footsteps Blog

KATE MITCHELL-Much Much Easier

Surprisingly, Kate Mitchell says it's easier to get into conversations about faith in Pakistan than it is in the United States. Andy's Footsteps Blog


Elisabeth Saeth tells a couple of stories of how God is using a women's program to reach men. Andy's Footsteps Blog

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