Never Forget!

Just like the leper who came back to thank Jesus, we too have much to be thankful for. But why do we forget to do so?

Your Best Friend

Did you know that there is one who can be your ideal very best friend?


What do you turn to when you feel overwhelmed? Dr. Joy shares some advice for you on this topic in today's edition of "Joytime Ministries".

Sleepness Nights

How did David know how to handle those sleepless nights?

"Fitting in"

What does faith in Jesus really look like? Dr Joy's answer to that question may surprise you, so listen in to this edition of "Joytime Ministries".

A Loving Dad

What seems impossible to our human minds is possible with God. That is what Jarius learned. Listen to Dr Joy tell the story in this episode of "Joytime Ministries".


Tragic things happen and we tend to ask "Why?". Why would God allow it? Dr. Joy shares so hope on this question in today's edition of "Joytime Ministries".

Hearbreaking News

Where do you turn when you hear news which breaks your heart?


Do you ever feel like God is late in his provision?

What to do?

How do you make tough decisions? How does God help?

A Thankful Heart

What are you thankful for today?

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