Surrender to Him

Why would you ever want to surrender to God? Dr. Joy Greene gives very good reasons why that is a great thing to do.

Stick to Your Word

Has anyone ever broken a promise they made to you? Have you ever failed to keep a promise you made? What can you do to be a person whose word is their bond? Dr. Joy Greene shares on this in this edition of "Joytime Ministries".

Stick Close to God

Do you know what the most important thing for you to do? Dr. Joy Greene answer may surprise you.


Do you like to have a plan? Do you like to know what is going to happen next? Are you known as control freak? How can that be bad? What can you do about it? Dr. Joy Greene shares some answers for you on this edition of Joytime Mininstries.

Life is Too Hard

Breaking Point

Fear from Satan

Give Thanks in all Things

God's Plan is Best

A Broken Heart

Life is hard. Have you ever faced a broken heart? Did you know that can actually be good news? Dr. Joy Greene offers some encouraging words for you on this edition of "Joytime Ministries".


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