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Exhibiting Christlike Love

We are all imperfect human beings, fallible and prone to sin—and that is why Christlike love is so important in the church. Because we are… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Fear Not

When I have experienced difficult seasons in my life, I have often wondered, "How do non-Christians cope with pain and suffering?" Without… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Building on Solid Rock

How do you build your life on the solid rock of Jesus Christ? By holding on to something that is secure and immovable. That’s why Paul says,… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Cover to Cover

When Paul addressed the elders of the church in Ephesus, he reminded them, "I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Stability for Every Storm

The nuclear aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower has four and a half acres of flight deck, a displacement of 95,000 tons, and can launch sixty aircraft.… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Thorn in the Flesh, Part One

In 2 Corinthians 12:7, Paul speaks of having a “thorn in the flesh.” He says he pleaded with the Lord three times that it would be… read more
Dr. Tony Evans The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

Whispers in Church

By Brad Hutchcraft … read more
Ron Hutchcraft A Word with You

Who Is Doctor McGee?

My wife and I enjoy watching the British science fiction series Doctor Who. If you've ever watched an episode, you know that the time-traveling… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

A Faithful Steward

Have you ever wondered what good stewardship entails and why it matters? A faithful steward does not allow pride, greed, or the desire to be popular… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Messianic Prophecy: Jesus as Isaiah 53’s Suffering Servant

Traditional Christians believe Jesus Christ is the long-awaited Jewish Messiah and the Savior of the world. This central and cardinal belief of… read more
Kenneth R. Samples Science and Faith Building Blocks

Any Fresh Word

Just this morning, as I was reading God's Word, I saw something in the passage that I had never noticed before. Does this ever happen to you? … read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Transformed by Christ

Paul’s prayer for the Thessalonians—and for all believers, including you and me—is that we would daily decrease so that Christ may… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Autism: A Gift God Can (and Will) Use

The day on which I’m writing this piece, April 2, 2024, has been designated by the United Nations General Assembly as World Autism Awareness… read more
Dr. Hugh Ross Science News Weekly Round-Up

Freedom – Defend It Or Lose It

Freedom is an essential part of God’s nature and plan for man. The emphasis on freedom is apparent at Mount Sinai when God gave the people the… read more
Mark W. Cadwallader Creation Moments Radio

Voodoo in Venezuela

In times of suffering, like these days in Venezuela, people begin searching for hope. But, where do they find this hope? On today's Footsteps,… read more
Andy Napier Footsteps

Satan Is Real

God wants us to have a realistic and balanced view of Satan and his influence. The Bible clearly teaches that Satan and his demons are real, that… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Overcoming Temptation During Trials

Paul was deeply concerned for the Thessalonians and so longed to see them that he sacrificed the valued presence of Timothy in order to check in on… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

Why Not Me?

The believers in Thessalonica were poor, oppressed, and persecuted. They were slandered and hated by their neighbors. And still their faith in God… read more
Dr. Michael Youssef, Ph.D. Leading the Way

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