Living in a Doomed Society Pt2

What more parallels exist between the time of the Old Testament prophets and today? Pastor Ross Marion delivers the sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Youth Sunday 2017

Waldo,Charlotte and Ruby dramatically lead into the today's sermon about the incredible love of God. Do you know God loves you? Preston Pierce shares about God's love as shown in the account known as the "Prodigal Son".

Living in a Doomed Society

What parallels exist between the time of the Old Testament prophets and today?

What is Easter?

What sets Christianity apart from any other "faith system"? What makes it unique? Pastor Ross shares four things in answer to these questions in today's sermon for Wake Chapel Christian Church.

A Parable for Easter

Who was this stranger in my car? Why did he keep making such odd comments?

How and Why We Observe Communion

How should one take communion? Why should one take communion? What if someone takes communion in an unworthy manner? Pastor Ross Marion addresses these questions and more in today's sermon.

Peace Be With You

The doors and windows are closed and locked. You are hiding for fear of being accused and maybe killed. All of a sudden, a dead man is standing in the room with you and talks to you. What would you think? How would you ever be the same afterwards?

A Strategy for Reaching the World for Christ

Dr. Charles Petitt, President of Piedmont International University, leads a look at the Great Commission.

Sharing the Good News of the Messiah

How do you share the Gospel with people who live in your country but have a totally different culture? Why would you do so? How can Jewish people hear about the Messiah? Can Jewish people believe in Jesus?

A Look at Missions

Fran Schmidt wonders aloud if it is okay to ask God to bless us. What is proper to ask the God who created the universe? How can we approach God in our prayer and avoid treating Him as if He is a genie?

An Inevitable Choice

I was born in the US, so that makes me a Christian, doesn't it? I've been a good person and that is all that is necessary, right? Marion Ross passionately addresses that type of thinking in today's program.

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