Hand of Hope

Abortion is not talked about in the church very much, but what can the church do to help those who have had abortions? Tonya Baker Nelson shares how the local church can help offer hands of hope to people coping with pregnancies.

Commended to God

Pastor Ross Marion shares what is means to be commended to God. What are some of the riches God has in store for those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ?

The Greatest Incentive of All

What is the "Judgment Seat of Christ"? Since one day, each Christian will stand before God, doesn't it make sense to know what it is all about? Non-Christians will have their own judgment to be concerned with, but what about this judgment seat which Christians will face? Pastor Ross Marion answers this question in today's sermon.

The Greatest Question of All

While there are some incredible questions in the Bible, one stands out as the greatest. The answer to this greatest question helps determine where you will spend eternity. Pastor Ross Marion asks and answers this question in today's sermon.

The Greatest Text of All

Many people have it memorized, millions have seen the reference without knowing the text. Which scripture text is the best known? Pastor Ross Marion shares on it in today's sermon.

Summer Trip Testimonies

What is God doing? God is alive and well, and doing much. Such as ...

In Order of the Alabastor Box

The true and measure of divine service, and the means of growing insight of God's purposes is ...

What is Real Living?

If you were asked what it takes to say "This is real living", how would you answer? What do you need? Is it having money, education, good health, youth? Pastor Ross Marion teaches from scripture on what Real Living really is all about.

Lets Talk About Heaven

Are you so mindful of the left and the right that you have forgotten that there really is an above and a below? Is heaven real? Where is it? Who will go there? Pastor Ross Marion shares about heaven in today's edition of "Wake Chapel Christian Church".

Five New Things in Heaven

Why would someone want to go to heaven when they die? How can one get to heaven? Pastor Ross Marion shares several reasons why you would want to gain entrance there upon death.

First Love

How is your relationship with Jesus? What could be learned from the ancient church at Ephesus to help us today? Pastor Ross Marion shares various aspects from scripture on these questions in today's sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

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