Miriam, Aaron and Moses had a problem. This problem is more prominent today than we care to realize. How did God deal with it then and how can that help us now?


Has God ever had to help someone who had an inferiority complex? Did you know that there are biblical accounts of when God stepped in and helped those who suffered from feeling inferior?


How well do you cope with "the empty chair" at the holidays? What can you do about the grief still so fresh that it hurts? How can God be of help to you at such times?


The world is full of abused people. What counsel does God have for abused people?


How did God counsel Cain as a result of Cain's sin? What does anger do to us? How can we bring our anger under the control of the Holy Spirit? Find out by listening to today's sermon at Wake Chapel Christian Church.

Wonderful Counselor

What words has God used to transform people?

Who Are You?

Who are you? How would you answer that question? What would affect your answer? What can we gain from a look at John the Baptist?

The Lord's Prayer

"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hollowed be Thy name." Clear teaching on the Lord's prayer as found in Matthew 6. What is God like?

Hand of Hope

Abortion is not talked about in the church very much, but what can the church do to help those who have had abortions? Tonya Baker Nelson shares how the local church can help offer hands of hope to people coping with pregnancies.

Commended to God

Pastor Ross Marion shares what is means to be commended to God. What are some of the riches God has in store for those who believe in His Son, Jesus Christ?

The Greatest Incentive of All

What is the "Judgment Seat of Christ"? Since one day, each Christian will stand before God, doesn't it make sense to know what it is all about? Non-Christians will have their own judgment to be concerned with, but what about this judgment seat which Christians will face? Pastor Ross Marion answers this question in today's sermon.

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