Creation Day 6, Part 4

Man is distinct from every other created creature—that’s an amazing truth. And you probably know why you’re distinct . .. you are created in God’s image. But do you have a firm grasp on what that means? Find outnow by listening to GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur,

Creation Day 6, Part 3

On this episode of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John’s going to continue his look at what it means—and what it doesn’t mean—to be made in the image of God. That’s on the next installment of John’s study . . .The Battle for the Beginning,

Creation Day 6, Part 2

Nobel Prize winning scientist Francis Crick came up with an explanation for evolution... the idea that small grains containing DNA could have been shipped to earth by aliens, and then evolved.How about you? Is your mind settled on the issue? Consider that on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Creation Day 6, Part 1

There’s a battle raging today with greater implications than any ever fought. Not a military battle—I’m talking about a battle of ideologies concerning how we got here . . . how the universe came to be. What are the stakes? Find out now on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Creation Day 5, Part 2

If you check the news tonight, you’ll likely find multiple,seemingly unrelated stories that actually share a common bond. A subtle—or not-so-subtle—rejection of the God who made us. So, how do you respond to that kind of thinking? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Creation Day 5, Part 1

Today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John will show you that you don’t need to have an advanced degree in science . . . or seminary training, for that matter . . . to defend what the Bible says about creation.

Creation Day 4, Part 2

Many churches today harmonize evolution with the biblical creation record. So, what do you think—did God use evolution to create the universe? John MacArthur addresses that and other questions about origins today on GRACE TO YOU.

Creation Day 4, Part 1

A prominent biologist said, “Evolution is doubted only by those who are ignorant of the evidence or [resist the evidence], owing to emotional blocks or to plain bigotry.” How does that view stack up against the biblical record? Consider that, today on,GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Creation Day 3, Part 2

Perhaps you’ve been mocked and ridiculed for believing what Scripture says about creation. Maybe you’ve been told—even by other Christians—that science does not support what the Bible says about the origins of the universe. So, how do you answer those critics? Find out on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

Creation Day 3, Part 1

Today's episode of GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur will show you what Scripture says about creation . . . how you should respond to the claims of evolutionists . . . and whether there is any room for Christians to embrace evolutionary theory.

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