“Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace, Part 2” (#2)

We usually hear the term “Flip-flopper” around election season. It’s meant to disparage politicians willing to change their position on issues—in other words, to flip-flop—if it helped them politically. Of course, you don’t have to be in politics to flip-flop on your beliefs. So how do you stand on convictions, under light pressure and heavy pressure? When consequences are minor or serious? Find out the answers on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

“Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace, Part 2” (#1)

It’s not happening—at least, not yet—here in the United States: people being killed for their faith in Christ. But it is happening around the globe and none of us can say that we won’t face that situation someday. What does it take to stand strong when you have to decide between your faith or your life? Find out on GRACE TO YOU when John MacArthur continues his compelling look at the book of Daniel in his study titled, An Uncompromising Life.

“Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace, Part 1” (#2)

When does the temptation to compromise sneak up on you? Maybe it’s when you’re looking for an excuse to get out of a commitment you made? Fact is, temptation to compromise could hit before this day’s over. How can you maintain integrity in every circumstance and where can you turn for practical strategy and encouragement? On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur offers help by showing you what a life without compromise looks like.

“Uncompromising Faith in the Fiery Furnace, Part 1” (#1)

It’s said that man is incurably religious, always worshipping something. If that’s true, here’s a question you need to consider. How do you know if you’re worshipping the wrong god? On the next GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur looks at the lives of Shadrach, Meshach,and Abednego and how they faced pressure to cave to society and worship a false god and how you can learn from their example

“The Consequences of an Uncompromising Life, Part 2” (#1)

Standing before the holy Roman emperor, facing the threat of death for refusing to compromise biblical truth, Martin Luther boldly proclaimed, “My conscience is captive to the Word of God.” And his powerful example—his courageous stand for the truth—was the spark that lit the fires of the Reformation. If you’re a Christian, what you believe will be put to the test. Question is, how can you face trials and persecution with unflinching integrity? Tune in when John MacArthur provides you with help from his current study on GRACE TO YOU.

“The Consequences of an Uncompromising Life, Part 1” (#2)

Have you seen the movie Chariots of Fire? It tells the story of Eric Liddell, a world-class sprinter—and devout Christian—who, in the 1924 Olympics, dropped out of his best event when he realized the race was scheduled for a Sunday. While some certainly criticized him, Liddell decided his convictions were more important than Olympic glory. On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur helps you cultivate that sort of conviction as he continues his study titled, An Uncompromising Life.

“The Consequences of an Uncompromising Life, Part 1” (#1)

During the American Civil War one soldier wanted to improve his odds of survival, so he dressed in a blue coat, like the Northern army and gray pants,like the Southern troops. What happened? He got shot from both directions. Compromise can be deadly. Are you wearing a patchwork spiritual uniform—a blend of God’s standards and your standards—and think that’s a safe way to live? How committed are you to honoring God? Listen to GRACE TO YOU, when John MacArthur helps you see what it means to live An Uncompromising Life.

“An Uncompromising Life” (#2)

A. W. Tozer once said, “We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum.” So, who are the prophets —who’s Tozer talking about? He’s talking about you if you’re a Christian. And what is it you can’t compromise? God’s Truth. So, what tempts you to compromise on truth? And when you are tempted, how do you respond? John MacArthur answers those questions when he shows you the amazing blessing that comes from An Uncompromising Life—the title of his current study, here on GRACE TO YOU.

“An Uncompromising Life” (#1)

Have you ever been tempted to fudge some numbers on your tax return, or embellish the truth on a job application? No big deal ... everyone cuts corner now and then and it’s pretty much standard practice, right? But the question is still ... what does God say about compromise? John MacArthur’s going to help you answer that question on GRACE TO YOU as he kicks off a series titled, An Uncompromising Life. It’s a compelling look at the life of Daniel.

“Witnessing Women and Doubting Men” (#2)

Good Friday is a day of sorrow for many people as they mourn the shame and unspeakable suffering Jesus endured at the cross. Yet what followed His enormous sacrifice is so remarkable—so monumental—only the sinless Son of God could do it. And it’s the reason that sorrow and mourning give way to joy. On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur takes a close look at some amazing details from the Easter story. You won’t want to miss hearing the perspective of the witnesses who saw the events unfold that day.

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