The Sovereignty of God in Salvation (#2)

Here’s an important question . . . How does God’s sovereignty relate to your salvation? The Bible has answers that you may have never considered . . . and it’s vitally important for you to know what they are. And that’s why GRACE TO YOU exists—to help connect people with life-changing biblical truth. So, join John MacArthur as he tackles the subject of God’s sovereignty in salvation . . . that’s here on GRACE TO YOU.

The Sovereignty of God in Salvation (#1)

Have you ever wondered what the Bible says about God’s sovereignty in salvation? Well, for 54 years John MacArthur has been teaching verse-by-verse through the Bible. And on GRACE TO YOU, he shows you what it says about that important topic. So, join him for his series titled, The Gospel According to Jesus. . . as he unpacks Ephesians chapter 1 . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Commitment to the Church

Suppose your pastor says something you think is outrageous . . . should you leave your church? Or . . . what if there’s a growing trend in your church that doesn’t seem biblical? How should you react? Should you strive with that church, or move on? Consider what the Bible says about being committed to a local church. John MacArthur gives you some important truths to consider . . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Why We Should Love the Church

Why do you love your church? Is it because of the personality of your pastor . . . the programs the church offers . . . maybe the style of worship? Those are good reasons, but why should you love the church in general? Consider that with John MacArthur—who has led the same church for 54 years—in his series on GRACE TO YOU called . . . What to Look for in a Church.

Fundamental Priorities of a Good Church (#3)

How do you mature in your faith? Reading your Bible, praying, and memorizing Scripture is important. . . yet deciding which church you will attend could have the biggest effect on your spiritual growth. How can you make the right decision? John MacArthur answers that from his decades of experience pastoring the same church. He’ll show you . . . What to Look for in a Church. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Fundamental Priorities of a Good Church (#2)

Say you change jobs and your family must relocate. With moving comes a long list of big decisions, and at the top of that list is what church you and your family will attend. But how can you make that decision with confidence? John MacArthur helps you consider that in his series, What to Look for in a Church. . . on GRACE TO YOU.

Fundamental Priorities of a Good Church (#1)

When you’re choosing a church, what do you look for—what are the priorities? Denomination? Atmosphere? Programs for kids? Convenient worship times? None of those are necessarily wrong to consider . . . but what should stand out most? John MacArthur—who has pastored the same church for more than five decades—answers that question in his series . . . What to Look for in a Church on GRACE TO YOU.

Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 4 (#2)

Where do you start when sharing the gospel? Should you first lay out the facts about sin and God’s wrath? Or should you start by talking about God’s love and compassion? How can you know what to say? We all probably need encouragement about evangelizing the lost. Listen to this edition of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur as he takes you verse by verse through Romans 1 in his series called . . . Wicked World, Angry God.

Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 4 (#1)

What are you supposed to tell people when you give the gospel? As John MacArthur shows you on GRACE TO YOU . . . if a person doesn’t understand the bad news —doesn’t come to grips with his or her sin, and God’s coming wrath —there’s no way that person will genuinely appreciate or desire the good news. So how do you get into the hard truth? Find out when you tune into John study, Wicked World, Angry God.

Reasons for the Wrath of God, Part 3 (#2)

Most people probably have a very narrow idea of what evil is.To them, evil is limited to heinous crimes, war atrocities, the shocking stuff that everyone agrees is wicked. Be warned, the lesson you’re about to hear on GRACE TO YOU may surprise a lot of folks, maybe even you. John MacArthur’s going to help broaden the definition of evil as he continues his study from Romans 1 called Wicked World, Angry God.

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