Deficiencies - Julieanna Hever

Our bodies, like automobiles, run on fuel. Just as there are certain things we wouldn’t pour into our car’s gas tank, there are certain substances we really shouldn’t pour into your stomachs. But you wouldn’t think so if you watched enough television or read enough magazine ads. Nutritionist Julieanna Hever examines what passes for truth.

Forgiveness - June Hunt

We all want it—even demand it—but often find it hard to give. True forgiveness is the only way to find peace of mind and heal the brokenness that many of us feel. June Hunt, biblical counselor, radio program host, author, and lecturer, shares insights.

Get the Lead Out - Dr Michael Greger

The next time someone says to you, “Get the lead out!” thank him or her. Lead is a toxin that can do us a boatload of harm. Dr. Michael Greger examines lead as well as infertility, acne, and how the food industry is working hard to keep consumers confused.

Statins - Dr James Marcum

Wonder drugs were designed to work wonders, and many do. Trouble is, some wonder drugs have a bad habit of turning nasty over time. This includes one of the most popular drugs in history…statins. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, explains.

Legal Prescriptions Part 2 - Mark Kennedy

Poor people need good nutrition, too. This is one of the many messages promoted by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington, D.C. Mark Kennedy, vice president for legal affairs at PCRM examines SNAP, farm subsidies, and school lunches, looking for ways to enhance health across the nation.

Legal Prescriptions Part 1 - Mark Kennedy

The sole purpose of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C. is to make us and our world healthier. Sometimes, to accomplish their goal, they have to take the government to court. Mark Kennedy, vice president for legal affairs at PCRM, talks animal welfare, Amtrak, and hotdogs.

Eating Disorders - Melainie Rogers

Sitting down to enjoy a meal is a pretty standard event each day. But there are those who view food from a unique perspective and that can be deadly. Melainie Rogers, director of the Balance eating disorder treatment center in New York City offers insights and guidance concerning eating disorders.

Defeating Dementia - Dr James Marcum

It’s sad beyond comprehension. Someone we once knew is no longer the person we once knew. Something has happened to his or her ability to think and reason. They become strangers to us and to themselves. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries shares how we all can lower the risk of dementia.

Granting Serenity - Martha Carucci

Alcoholics aren’t found exclusively on city streets clutching brown paper bags. They just might be sitting next to you in church. But no matter where they are or how they look, they’ve got a problem—a life-threatening problem and need help. Martha Carucci, recovering alcoholic and author of “SobreTease” offers insights and guidance.

Dealing with Depression - Dr Gregory Jantz

Most of us grin and bear it—this life we live. But there are some among us who look at life and decide that they’re simply not up to the task and find themselves sinking into deep depression. Dr Gregory Jantz, a certified eating disorder specialist, certified chemical dependency counselor, and a nationally certified psychologist offers a place of hope.

Setting Boundaries - Sarah McDugal

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. This is especially true in the relationships we observe. Such was the case with author and leadership speaker Sarah McDugal. But she has taken her extreme heartbreak and betrayal and turned it into a powerful testimony for the sustaining and healing power that God offers us all.

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