Passionate Parenting - Dr Stuart Eldridge

Sometimes doctors need doctors, especially when it comes to health professionals who have make a career out of caring for children. Stuart Eldridge, board certified pediatrician, shares what he has learned.

Let's Move - Dr Angeline David & Becky Carlson

We’re not moving! We’ve become a world of sitters, texters, and social mediaers instead of a world of walkers, climbers, and get-up-and-goers. One church denomination is trying to help. Dr. Angeline David explains.

Nerve Pain - Dr James Marcum

Neuropathy is a very special kind of pain that can rob us of quality of life and, in some cases, life itself. What can we do against this internal enemy? Dr. James Marcum, founder director of Heartwise Ministries, offers insights.

Learning Disorders - Dr Rose Gamblin

Learning is supposed to be an adventure. But for many young people, learning has become an impossible challenge. Rose Gamblin holds a Ph.D. with a special education endorsement and shares  insights and hope when it comes to learning disabilities.

Beat Stress - Percy McCray

For more than twenty years, Percy McCray has been ministering to cancer patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In that capacity, he reports that each and every person with whom he interacts is dealing with a pretty big load of stress, and understandably so. Drawing on years of experience, he has developed seven ways to beat stress at its own game.

Faith Therapy - Percy McCray

There are many treatments for cancer these days. At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, patients discover an additional therapy few facilities offer. Faith. Reverend Percy McCray Jr. is a fully-ordained minister, a member of the United States Chaplains Association, and a board member of Gulfstream Goodwill in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Who Knew - Dr Michael Greger

Visiting Dr. Michael Greger’s Web site often fills visitors with wonder and amazement. “Who Knew?” many exclaim. Who knew there was a link between peppers and Parkinson’s Disease. Who knew just how effective apple cider vinegar is to weight lose? Who knew that eating beans can help slow a racing heart? Yet, there’s the scientific evidence.

Joint Pain - Dr James Marcum

Sometimes it hurts when we don’t move. Sometimes it hurts when we move. This moving pain is often centered around our joints and can make our lives miserable. Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, offers insights into how to live as pain-free as possible.

Farmers Markets - Local Farmers

“Heartwise” host Charles Mills visits a local farmers market to see why, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the number of such community gatherings has grown in popularity over the past twenty years.

A History of Healing - Michael Austin

Healthcare and hospitals have played an important role in the history of the Christian church. Why has physical healing walked hand-in-hand with spiritual outreach around the world? Church historian Michael Austin reveals the inspiring history of healing.

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