Head Pain - Dr James Marcum

The number one prescription and over-the-counter drug sold in America is pain medication. For many, life is just one annoying ouch after another, especially when it comes to the head. Truth be told, a lot of that pain is preventable. Dr. James Marcum provides guidance and good news.

Anxiety Breakthrough - Peg Haust-Arliss

Many are prisoners of what Peg Haust-Arliss calls “Anxiety State Prison.” She should know. She used to be a full-time inmate there. But, thankfully, times have change for her and she wants everyone to know that escape is possible. As a licensed psychotherapist, Peg offers a practical plan.

Natural Cures - Dr Mark Stengler

In this world of “have an ill, take a pill, get a bill,” medical care, naturopathic physician Mark Stengler offers a long list of alternative ways to heal our ailments. He specializes in blending conventional and natural medicine to address everything from cardiovascular disease to cavities.

Worshiping Through Pain - Chaplain Robert Mills

God calls us to worship Him in all things. But there are times when the pains of life seemingly shut us away from our Heavenly Father. What can we do to reconnect? Navy Chaplain Robert Mills reveals how God longs to heal even the traumatized mind?

Foot Pain - Dr James Marcum

Our feet are an often ignored appendage of our body. They’re just there, ready to take us from point A to point B. But, we stop ignoring them really fast when they start hurting. Dr. James Marcum talks about foot care.

Caregiver Hope - Peter Rosenberger

There’s a category of people who spend their days and nights performing a work few see and even fewer recognize. They often feel trapped, in despair, and hopeless. Yet their work requires that they offer an endless sense of freedom, a spark of joy, and constant hope. Peter Rosenberger, radio host, public speaker, writer, and president of Nashville-based “Standing With Hope,” shares his story.

Passion for Mission - Charlotte Ishkanian

Any time we think Christians are becoming complacent or losing sight of why we’re on this earth, Charlotte Ishkanian offers an antidote. She has traveled the globe searching for stories that prove over wise. God still moves in lives. God still performs spiritual miracles. God is still loved by many, many people young and old.

Teen Apathy - Dr Rob Rienow

Teenagers are supposed to be apathetic, right? After all, we’re smack-dab in the middle of the “whatever” generation and teens are leading the charge. However, there’s one area of life where teenage apathy can be heartbreaking and possibly change one’s eternal destiny. Rob Rienow, author, pastor, and founder of Visionary Family Ministries, explains.

Wholistic Mental Health - Peg Haust-Arliss

Peg Haust-Arliss wants everyone to eat plants. Why? Because she’s trying to curb our panic attacks, anxiety, and damaging behaviors. “What does what I eat have to do with how I think?” you ask? Arliss, a licensed holistic psychotherapist who’s been helping people, as she puts it, “turn their fears into determination and courage,” offers scientifically-proven answers.

Back Pain - Dr James Marcum

“Oh my aching back!” Chances are very good that we will speak those words (or think them) this very day. Why do so many of us experience back pain—sometimes chronically? Cardiologist Dr. James Marcum, founder/director of Heartwise Ministries, shares insights and solutions.

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