God's Great Co-Mission

Which of these aspects of giving do you consider to be the most important? What we give? Where we give? Why we give?


Is everyone required to give? What about the poor? Surely they are excused from giving when there are so many wealthy people who could give an extra share? Isn’t the expectation different for people in different situations?

Stewardship of Resources & Accountability

Neither the word “stewardship” nor the word “accountability” seems very exciting until it is not used - then things get VERY exciting. It’s like maintenance on a bicycle. The useful thing about a bicycle is that it gets us from one place to another. But if a bicycle is not regularly maintained, with the right resources used for the job, the bicycle...


I love the little book by Henri Nouwen about spiritual fundraising. In it is found this statement: “We must not let ourselves be tricked into thinking that...

The Illustrative Bicycle

How can a bicycle be a good illustration for fundraising?

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