MNN 17 September 2021

Flooding kills 20 in Pakistan | Haiti’s starving North deprived of aid after earthquake | Sudanese Arabs learn how to facilitate Bible translation

MNN 16 September 2021

Leaked footage confirms abuse at notorious Evin Prison | God is transforming Lebanon’s Church | How to welcome missionary friends home

MNN 15 September 2021

Lights out at many Lebanese churches amid energy crisis | Turkey uses refugees to leverage EU | Economic hit won’t stop Kenya Hope schools

MNN 14 September 2021

WMP translates Gospel of John for Afghan refugees | Afghan Christians go silent | Sammy Tippit embraces new technology for ministry

MNN 13 September 2021

UN to discuss Myanmar this week | Second Afghan Christian convoy reaches Pakistan | Three-quarters of Lebanon’s population now in poverty

MNN 10 September 2021

Islamic extremists kill 36 Christians in less than 30 days | Water shortages further disrupt life in Lebanon | Newborn left in dumpster; desperation grows in Lebanon

MNN 9 September 2021

Myanmar shadow government calls for civilian revolt | Afghan refugees include many school-aged children | COVID-19, political restrictions not hindering Chinese Christians

MNN 8 September 2021

False reports from Afghanistan spread via social media | MegaVoice releases new tool for Deaf ministry | Gospel workers called to Poland

MNN 7 September 2021

AMG aids Afghan Christians fleeing Taliban | Afghans head to Iran for safety | IMM: teaching the way Jesus did

MNN 6 September 2021

Afghanistan: new dangers in volatile situation | Bibles for China uses pandemic lull to plan for future | Gospel Breaks Through Pandemic in Mexico

MNN 3 September 2021

Refugee camp burns in Lebanons’ Beqaa Valley | TWR calls attention to persecuted Christians in Nigeria | Lessons from Lebanon: when your neighbor isn’t easy to love

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