MNN 12 June 2018

North Korean Christians pray for more than peace from summit | New pressure faces Nepalese Christians | Snapshot Tool second printing comes to Pakistan

MNN 11 June 2018

The US-North Korea summit taking place tomorrow | Television training and Gospel sharing | TWR holds first radio fundraiser in Africa

MNN 08 June 2018

Bible translators among those killed, forced to flee violence in Cameroon | Kids teaching kids Gospel truths through television ministry | FMI’s sewing and literacy center changes the lives of Pakistani women | Ministry addresses availability of Bibles in China

MNN 07 June 2018

Mauritania cracking down on apostasy with mandatory death sentence | Jesus Film Project helps to reach the unreached | e3 Partners shares Gospel through children’s ministry

MNN 06 June 2018

Death toll still rising from Guatemala volcano blasts | Mission Cry: spiritual warfare and God’s plan | One woman’s testimony of Christ stops angry crowd of Muslims and Hindus | What does it mean to feast on Scripture?

MNN 05 June 2018

Separating asylum-seeking families defined as torture | In Peru, Compassion International is helping families rebuild | FMI sees passion for Gospel among church planters in Bangladesh

MNN 04 June 2018

Nepal’s anti-conversion law about to be implemented | PTEE answers need for in-country seminary training | Bible camps for kids in the Middle East

MNN 01 June 2018

Following Ireland’s abortion ban repeal, will Northern Ireland follow? | Open Doors USA petitions United Nations on behalf of missing pastor | Indonesia sees increase in radical Islam | One last step before Arabic Keys For Kids becomes a reality

MNN 31 May 2018

US sanctions cause wider unrest in Iran | e3 takes trips to Uganda’s largest refugee camp | Magazine article reveals need for biblical literacy

MNN 30 May 2018

North Korea: peace summit uncertain, Christians wary | Containers of books headed to Zambia and Belize | Two-way prayer life; learning to listen to God

MNN 29 May 2018

Ebola outbreak in DRC on “knife-edge” | e3 Partners trip to Nicaragua results in new faith | Securing the future for ministry in China

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