MNN 11 September 2019

Nigeria debunks Leah Sharibu rumors. | Christian books sent to Hong Kong | New well provides hope as Kenya drought drags on

MNN 10 September 2019

Lebanon declares “State of Economic Emergency” | Mohabat TV reaches Iran as Ashura ends and new Islamic year begins | How to pray for Shia Muslims during Ashura

MNN 09 September 2019

Why the crisis in Yemen matters | Misinformation surrounds Amazon fires; here’s how believers can respond | Coping with darkness in the news

MNN 06 September 2019

North Carolina-based ministry braces for Dorian arrival | Rohingya refugee crisis marks two years | Cambodia: past, present and future

MNN 05 September 2019

Israel and Lebanon dial it back down | Tensions escalate between India and Pakistan | Deaf Christians, Deaf leadership, and International Week of the Deaf

MNN 04 September 2019

Dorian destroys Bahamas, sets sights on U.S. coastline | Special status revoked for Kashmir, problematic for religious minorities | Reaching nations; looking beyond Kenya to its unreached people groups

MNN 03 September 2019

Four Christians in Burkina Faso killed for wearing crosses | Bethlehem Bible College needs volunteer ESL teachers | Tightening restrictions on Chinese Christians were already on the books

MNN 02 September 2019

Targeting the next generation; China cracking down on kids programs | Chinese youth cannot convert to Christianity until they’re 18 | Bibles for China sees changes in operations and a shift in focus

MNN 29 August 2019

Indonesia launches plan to move its capital city | TENT Schools educate Iraqi refugee kids | Deaf Bible Society empowers sign language Bible translation

MNN 28 August 2019

India: of disaster, crisis and hope. | World Missionary Press sees spiritual vigor among Europe’s youth | “I Am Second” video comes full circle in Texas

MNN 27 August 2019

Turkey turns on its own; churches face mounting pressure | PTEE provides strategic education for Arab church leaders | Growing orality trends impact how we share the Gospel

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