MNN 23 November 2021

US removes Nigeria from religious freedom list | Lebanon unveils “Crazy Love” slogan for tourism | Hindu priest calls for beheading of Christians

MNN 22 November 2021

Ugandan police kill 5 after Kampala bombings | Persecution parallels between Uganda, Nigeria raise concern | Gospel workers eager to reach Africa for Christ

MNN 19 November 2021

UN envoy warns Lebanon failing its people | Deadly clashes reflect Sudan’s instability | India opens borders to tourists

MNN 18 November 2021

Back-to-back suicide bombings stun Uganda | U.S. blocks refugee entry until Afghans resettled | Tent Schools helps Syrian refugee kids close education gap

MNN 17 November 2021

ISIS-K ramps up violence in Afghanistan, Pakistan | Some Lebanese see slight economic improvements | Christians from Africa, Asia, and Americas to worship together November 19

MNN 16 November 2021

Missionaries remain captive one month after Haiti kidnapping | Yemen’s ongoing catastrophe sinks to a new low | 30 percent of US Millennials identify as LGBT

MNN 15 November 2021

US advises citizens to leave Haiti | Taliban fighters have Saul-to-Paul experience | Tortured refugee finds freedom amid captivity

MNN 12 November 2021

Coup complications and God’s work continue in Sudan | “Studio In A Box” advances sign language Bible translation | August wildfires killed 90 in Algeria

MNN 11 November 2021

Hindu nationalists threaten India Christians | Arab League mediates between Lebanon, Saudi Arabia | Warriors Set Free helps veterans overcome trauma

MNN 10 November 2021

Afghan Christians are hiding but not silent | Why reach the unreached? | Church-Centric Bible Translation: find your place in the story

MNN 9 November 2021

Tensions escalate in Iraq following assassination attempt | Parents turn to Set Free Ministries amid children’s mental health crisis | Understanding the “church” in Church-Centric Bible Translation

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