This is Why Happiness Matters

Winning the lottery, seeing your dream come true or reaching your goal can only provide momentary happiness.

4 Steps to Finding God

Let's just admit that we are lost and do need to find God!

Why Do I Need God?

Can you really handle things by yourself?

Start Letting Go of Your Bitterness

How long should you carry bitterness in your heart for an injustice done to you?

How to Trust in God's Plan for Your Future

Discover how the redeemed can sleep in peace!

What is the Meaning of the Word "Hallelujah"?

The word "hallelujah" is a word coined for use only by the children of God.

How Does God Want to Use Your Time Today?

Can an insignificant interruption of your time be God's appointment?

Discover How to Manage Your Time

Keep the main thing the main thing.

Finding the Power to Endure

How do you resolve to trust God to take you through the problems confronting you today?

How Christ Can Change Your Life

Even a hardened heart can be touched and changed by the love of Jesus Christ.

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