How to Know Who You Really Are

Knowing who you are goes well beyond knowing who are earthly parents are.

How to be a Genius

You can develop the three factors that make a person a genius!

How Do You Turn Things Over to God?

When you know you are not alone, it goes a long way to handling the stresses of life.

How to Think About Trouble

Everyone who faces trouble is either better or bitter because of it.

How to Cope with Pain

You can cope with pain by taking Scripture to heart and leaning upon the presence of Jesus Christ.

The Words You May Regret: Or Else

Ultimatums are dangerous so you better think and pray about the implications before you give them.

How to Love in Real Life

Real love never counts the cost!

Loving a Flawed Person

Real love accepts the other with the expectation that God will make him or her into the person he or she ought to be.

Rejection-Proof Love

There's a unique kind of love you can have for others that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How God Values You

No matter how society views you, God's value of you will always be greater!

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