What Does It Mean to Repent?

Do you know what it means to repent and to be remorseful?

Here's Why You Shouldn't Quit When Things are Tough

Tough times are neither an indication that you have been abandoned by God or selected for an attack from Satan.

Here's How to Respond to a Hostile World

In spite of the fact that we would rather avoid times of difficulty, good always comes out of them.

Why a Christian Can Expect Trouble

Are you surprised when you are insulted because of your faith?

Here's where to find a satisfying life

Do you want to know what Jesus said is the only one thing that is really important in life?

How much should you confess about your past?

Is it really necessary to confess all your sins, the details, to someone?

Here's an encouraging way to connect with God

When you least feel like singing, God can bring a beautiful melody to fill your life.

Why read the Bible?

Owning a Bible won't change you, but reading it will!

Are you ready to give up on God?

God works things out according to His timetable!


God created man with a song in his heart, that has to be voiced!

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