God is as Close as Your Need!

Do you know the God who cares for you?

Why Should I Observe the Sabbath?

Our addiction to work is a form of slavery the Sabbath was designed to free us from!

3 Steps to Finding a New Direction

Is it ever too late in life to acknowledge that you went wrong?

A Father's Presence is Powerful

What role do you play in your child's life?

Will You Choose a Simpler Life?

With the changing world scene today, we all have to decide to make a change in how we live!

Here is the Secret to Spiritual Renewal

Who you are is more important than what you do!

Where is God in Times of Trouble?

Do you know where and how to find God in times of trouble?

How Big is God?

God invites you to discover His true greatness!

Can You Learn from the Failure of Others?

Disaster is near when you think rules don't apply to you!

This is Why You Should Be a Fool

Jesus made it clear that His follower should expect opposition.

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