How a Crime Victim Forgave His Tormentor

No virtue better reflects the nature of the Gospel than does forgiveness.

How to Lower Your Temperature

God will help you find a way to deal with your anger without sinning!

Don't Live a Meaningless Life!

Have you written "Enter, God!" at the top of your life story?

The One Reason Why You Shouldn't Quit

In God's economy, there is no one whose part is so small that they don't matter.

3 Guidelines for Running the Race of Life

Looking back always gets you into trouble as it's the upward look that counts!

What Sin Really Does to You

Living with sin is much like the "living death" of leprosy!

How Do We Respond to Population Growth?

Do your actions show that you are taking what God cares about seriously?

4 Guidelines to Understanding God's Promises

Believe that God will do what He says because He does!

What to Do with Unbelief

If you are unsure about your faith, Jesus welcomes questioners!

The Difference Between a Non-Believer and an Unbeliever

God will always meet someone who is genuinely searching for His truth!

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