Where Should I Put My Money?

Remember the motive is giving is so important!

Having It All

Do you know what the Bible says about your possessions?

Why Should We Give?

Giving is a mark of obedience.

Coming to Grips With What You Owe God

God expects us to use wisely what He has given to us!

To Whom Does My Tithe Belong?

Does God have a claim to what you have?

Do What You Can!

The needs of the world may be great, but you can still do something that counts!

Investing in Others

The greatest satisfaction in life comes through serving others.

Investing in the Bank of Heaven

Investing in heaven's bank goes beyond the money you drop in the offering plate.

Investing in Intangibles

Invest wisely as God expects it of you!

Your Investments

What do you invest in?

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