How Faith and Logic are Connected

Are faith and logic contradictory to each other?

Here's how hope and the glory of God are connected

Hope in God's glory won't do us any good if you think it's just a nice-sounding religious sentiment.

What does it really mean to have faith?

Do you struggle with wanting to understand God before you will believe?

Can You Have Church at Home?

The Church, as set forth in the New Testament, is people and not a place.

How to Free Yourself from Bitterness

Have you grown in your Christian experience that you can forgive the person who has badly hurt you?

A Holiday for Atheists

Are you finding yourself in between belief and unbelief?

Running Well

Is it more important to win the race or how well the race is run?

When Victory Escapes You

Where should we look when we feel like giving up?

Does God Exist?

Which category do you fall into?

After-Christmas Blues

A reminder to always believe Jesus' promises.

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