Are you holding on to bitterness and hatred? Find out why you need to choose forgiveness over vengeance.

I Will Be With You

Do you trust God’s promise to be with you ALWAYS?

Safe in His Hands

There's no place safe in this world as news of terrorism and violence plague us. The days are getting darker. Is there any hope?

It's Still "A"

Have you heard someone say, "This may be true for you, but it's not my truth"? This asserts that truth is relative and each one can decide what is true and false for themselves. Learn how you can find God's truth in our fallen world.

Four Questions Abraham Never Asked

Abraham trusted God by taking Him at His word and being obedient. Examine what Abraham could have asked God and what we can learn about faith.


"Why me, God?" is the question many ask. If you find yourself asking that question lately, it's time to look at your problem from a new perspective. Here is some wisdom for you to consider.

Let Loneliness Do Its Job

Does loneliness have any benefit? Perhaps if we have the right perspective, we can face loneliness, survive it and learn from it.


You may have thousands of Facebook friends in this technology age, but how many of those will be "physically" there when you need them most? If you know the pain of loneliness and need a friend, open your heart to the Best Friend anyone can have.

Raw, Naked Faith

A good number of people view faith in God with the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" mentality. The idea of serving God "to reward us with whatever our heart desires" may be flawed. Take a look at how true faith is described in the Bible.

What does God Think of Suicide?

If death brings us face to face with our Creator, wouldn't you want your last act on earth to be of righteous intent? Ever wonder what God would say to a believer who takes his own life?

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