Something Beautiful

Offering yourself to God will definitely produce a masterpiece!

Don't Forget

What does God want for you this moment?

That's God

Be surprised how God makes His presence known to you!


There is freedom in God who loves you deeply and will forgive you when you ask Him.

Self-Confidence or Supreme Confidence?

Do you think it's enough to just visualize what you want your life to be and you can change it?

The God Who Gives Endurance and Encouragement

Let's learn about God--His character and how He deals with us.

Freedom of Forgiveness

Do you know what forgiveness really means?

Jesus--One Cell

Jesus became one of us and experienced what life is like here on earth.

How to be Like Jesus

Sometimes we try to be more like Jesus in our own efforts.

God is Able to Give You Much More

Are you tempted to take a shortcut with God?

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