Good News for Troubled Hearts

More people yearn for one thing more than anything else: inner peace. Without it we have no lasting happiness or security. We long for peace in our world, in the lives of our loved ones, and in our own lives. Jesus said of the Holy Spirit, "He is my peace given to you, my followers, as you live out your days in this broken world following and serv…read more

I've God a Whole New Outlook

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! A group of men in the Temple area of Jerusalem are acting strangely. They don't even seem like the same people from a few days ago! What in the world is going on? Inquiring minds need to know. Let's find out . . .

The Door to Abundant Life

Often through the church we hear the message that God loves broken people - sinners. What a glorious truth that is! But what about transformation? What about newness of life? Where can we experience the abundant life that Jesus Christ promises?

The Mark of Authenticity

It is easy to love people with whom we agree or are partial to. But what about the unlovable types, the odd, quirky, irritating ones, the trouble makers? As Christians we are called to love one another as Christ loves us. How can we possibly do this? Let's learn what Jesus says about it.


Something painful that people struggle with, is the matter of insecurity. I suspect we all have an insecurity or two rolling around in our heads and a variety of questions we wonder and worry about. But Jesus has some reassuring words, which have proven helpful in facing - even overcoming - insecurities in life. I'm sure you will find them helpful for yourself as well.


"Do you love me?" is a question asked in almost every human heart. We all need to hear and feel that we are loved. It is also the question Jesus asks Peter in our story today. How much do YOU love Jesus? Both relieving and challenging, Jesus' response to Peter's answer has a message for us.

Re: Easter

The Easter story is filled with many "Re" words, and they jump out at us as we read this story. We can re-joice because the Good News re-garding Easter is for us. We are re-minded that death is defeated. Let's explore the meaning of these words and many others in our Easter message. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!

Jesus Loves Short People

Have you ever been written off as a hopeless cause by people around you or even by yourself? Have you ever written someone else off as a lost cause? If so, I'm glad you're listening in because our story for today has something for you and me to take to heart.

If I Were a Rich Man

Many of us think that if we had more money, it would be the answer to all our problems. Would it? Would we be happier? Would we be blessed? Or would we look in the mirror and still see great problems that cause stress?

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!

You've probably heard the statement, "Don't just sit there. Do something!" Well Jesus turns that statement around. We need to not just be always doing, doing, doing but to sit there and enjoy His company with us. Jesus wants to write these words upon our hearts today, "Remember, every minute together with me is precious."

A Lesson on Loive

Jesus calls us to love others extravagantly, even our enemies. This sounds like a tall order, for we possess built-in prejudices, selfishness, and inattentiveness. So how we can do this? Let's learn how in today's message.

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