Where to Find Comfort

In our life, we know some days, some weeks, some months, even some seasons can bring its share of challenges. The apostle Paul knew firsthand about hardships and suffering. Yet, he knew where to find the care and compassion he needed. Stay with us as Paul shares where to find comfort for those hard knock days.

But God Is Reliable

Would you describe yourself as a generous person? If we trust God with our eternal destiny, why can it be so difficult to trust Him with our financial resources as well? Please join us as St. Paul helps us learn how to be more openhearted to trusting and sharing what God has given us.

The Essence of the Gospel

If someone asked you, “What is the central message of the Christian faith, what would you say? Why is Jesus the basis of hope for all who believe. Why is His life good news? We’ll talk about that this week on Christian Crusaders. Join us, won’t you?

How Do I Get Through It?

It can be difficult to keep going when tough times come our way. The Apostle Paul knew this truth well, and he reflects on those trials as he encourages fellow believers in Christ. If you need strength to keep going each day, our message is especially important for you today!


Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in this world? If God is in control, why does He allow suffering in the lives of His followers? In today's program, we wrestle with the question “Why?” Please join us.

Life Is Better Serving

How does one live in service to a king? While we may not be governed by a king in the United States, as Christians we serve a spiritual king – King Jesus. Let’s talk about how serving Him enhances our lives.

Live Better Connected to God’s Word

Our world is filled with many spiritual beliefs that can really confuse us. Yet, one ancient book is extremely well authenticated. Overwhelming evidence supports its reliability. Let’s learn how we can live better lives when we are engaged in God’s Word.

In the Hands of Jesus

When you face life's problems, how do you respond? Do you look only at your limits, your inability, or do you turn to someone beyond yourself for help? Let's learn together what happened when the disciples placed their limited resources into the hands of Jesus Christ. When they did, extraordinary miracles happened.

This Is Us - The Bride of Christ

The Apostle Paul instructs husbands to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. In today's program, we are going to talk about the meaning of his words and how it relates to our attitude regarding the church.

This Is Us - We Are the Body

What does church membership mean to you? Many churches are weak because its members have turned the meaning of membership upside down in their minds. It's time to get it right in the local church, so let's talk about membership and what it means for the Christian.

This Is Us - We Are a Family

Families can be very interesting and colorful. No one can be more alike or more different from us than our brothers and sisters. The same can be true for our church family. Join us as we discuss why the family is so important to the kingdom of God.

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