Evie - We were the gang girls who ruled the school.

"When you have a problem with somebody, you take care of your problem. That involves assault and sometimes death."

Kevin & Shawn - He managed the Dodgers but what about his own son?

"I didn’t realize until much later that what they wanted was me."

Sam - I needed more than the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame

"Were it not for a gracious, merciful God we would all bust hell wide open."

Chris - An early internet pioneer, for a time I was living the materialist dream.

"I was living the Epicurian life and I was miserable."

Jeff - Some go to counseling. I jump over cars.

"Dad wasn't there for us emotionally."

Quantel - When Dad is a Bible expert and a criminal

"The sad part is, my dad, knows the Bible from Genesis to Revelation word for word without opening it."

Manuel - From homeless immigrant to MBA graduate and homeowner.

"I was supposed to just maybe potentially get a G.E.D., possibly graduate High School."

Melinda - Two jobs, paid my own bills, but didn't connect it to the ghost in my past.

"One day when COVID happened, I lost my job and all things came to a head."

Nick - Sports, military, and the doctor I stared down

"For a long time, I was ashamed of it."

Mark - I pointed my rifle at the black people and prayed.

"Do I shoot innocent little kids or do I rebel?"

DJ - It didn't go well with my white father-in-law.

"Despite my story, despite my character, all they saw was this scary black guy."

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