Kelly - Terminally ill, I suddenly felt a warm sensation over my heart - ComeOnLetsGo

"I had just felt the hand of God touch my heart!"

Carlous and Janelle - No food for days until we heard the music - ComeOnLetsGo

"God just kind of told me; “Carlos, this is what I want you to do."

Daniel Hopkins - Dad lost his life in depression, but I found the source of living - ComeOnLetsGo

"I feel like I have been plugged into this eternal power source"....

Dan - Discovered my wife, finally, in the midst of a high performance lifestyle - ComeOnLetsGo

People ask; “What's your biggest success story?” I'll say; “Staying married.”

Cat - A Buddhist for 25 years until I had a vision of Jesus

"I looked up at the altar and Jesus came out of that altar. He walked right out. I knew it was Him."

Danny - Found Hope

Danny didn't want to live, but he found hope.

Johnathan - Found Hope

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Cat - Found Hope

Cat struggled with depression most of her life, but she found hope.

Amy - Found Hope

Amy had marriage issues, but she found hope.

Find Hope In Other People's Stories.

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